I wonder if there is special significance in Chicago? 
2010.10.19 09:53 - News and Politics
I just noticed that Election Day is the same day as Día de los Muertos this year.
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You May Already Have Heard About This 
2009.11.21 13:16 - News and Politics
In weird news, it seems the Peruvian police have busted a ring of human fat smugglers.

FWIW, the story has gotten longer and stranger since I stumbled upon it on Friday.
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Senate Primary Could Be Interesting 
2009.08.03 15:24 - News and Politics
Possible candidates in the race include one Bill Johnson, a Navy vet and graduate of UK's EE program; Trey Grayson, the state's current Secretary of State; Cathy Bailey, former US Ambassador to Latvia; and Rand Paul, an opthamologist and son of some other guy you've actually heard of. I'm guessing Johnson's the political outsider, Grayson's an establishment candidate, Bailey is probably a long shot, and Paul is most likely staking out the libertarian position.

I will have to see how things shake out; I'm not familiar with any of these people, but it at least looks like a strong field to level against the Democratic candidate, who, I'd guess, is most likely Dan Mongiardo, our current Lieutenant Gov and 2004 Senate candidate. (Jack Conway had a failed run for Congress against Anne Northup a while back, and the rest of field are people I've never heard of.)
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One to Think About 
2009.03.03 09:10 - News and Politics
Leaving aside the question of the sort of person that makes $250K or more in a single year, it's worth noting that, as taxes rise, people will go to greater lengths to avoid paying them.

Companies are about the same way, of course: at the some point, the cost of the fancy accounting is sufficiently low relative to the effective tax rate that it makes sense to look at tax shelters and what-not.

All of this is one reason I kind of expect for tax receipts to actually be down farther next year than a linear extrapolation based on the economy would suggest. Perhaps I will be regaled with exhortations for everyone to do their part as is their duty to their country.

Link stolen from The Corner, which is really the last bit of pure political anything I still read.
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Republican Congress in 4 ... 3 ... 2... [UPDATED] 
2009.02.26 13:35 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, News and Politics
So, Obama and Holder want to renew the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban that, last I heard, accomplished nothing beneficial except to help fuel the 1994 Republican takeover of the House of Representatives. (Certainly, the 94 ban's effect on the crime rate is extremely debatable.) Allegedly, banning semi-automatic rifles and carbines with pistol grips will somehow prevent the smuggling of automatic weapons across the border to Mexico.

That's really special, guys.

I'm not really convinced that a new AWB will in any way guarantee GOP success in 2010. It's not going to hurt, though, and it's going to make an awful lot of those Blue Dogs elected in 2006 look like chumps if it passes.

Dammit, Bushmaster! Where is my ACR?

[Update: Nancy Pelosi seems to be saying this is not going to happen. I wouldn't bet on it going quite the way she says, but it's nice to see some indication that the Democrats have learned something from the 1994 election.]
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