Not dead, just tired 
2010.11.30 20:24 - Entertainment, Books, Movies, Meatspace Stupidity, Whining, Work-related
Criminy, it's almost December.

I think I can sum up my life the last month as: work, TV zombies, work, TV spies, work, TV spaceship, work, work, cartoons, more cartoons, minecraft, work, TV zombies, work, etc.

I've read Monster Hunter Vendetta, am most of the way through Unseen Academicals, watched a movie or two, eaten some turkey, and have otherwise been a little too shelled from work to devote much time to life outside my head.

Two and a half more weeks to the end of the year, for me. I think I owe my employer two-hundred-odd unit tests and some additional code in the meantime, though.

Oh, and I've been listening to The Protomen. First album's okay, second's very good.
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Wow. October, Huh? 
2010.10.12 16:00 - Guns, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity, Toys, Actual Toys, Work-related
It's been a few days since I posted anything here.

Work-wise, I've been tied up in a release that's finally coming to a head ... about an hour from now.

Outside of work, RHIT homecoming has come and gone. Related to that, Verizon has been bugging me. It seems I have some charges on my next bill for text messages. I sent or received some 40-odd messages trying to stay abreast of doings in the Haute.

Related: Legos are expensive, but I think I won the trip to Toys R Us. (Go me?)

Also noticed: guy in the pawn shop with a GPS ankle bracelet. I'm guessing a restraining order was involved, because he didn't seem to be under house arrest.

I seem to have picked up some sort of infection in the Haute or just before or after, and took almost long enough to get my butt to the doctor for things to become serious. Fortunately, they aren't, and time plus amoxycillin cures many a post-nasal drip. (Related: Zyrtec-D is fantastic.)

As far as things not related to bodily fluids are concerned, I got out to Knob Creek the last weekend of September, and mostly proved I'm so out of practice that I've forgotten what I'm doing (hammer bite!). A few trips to Open Range will work out some of the kinks, pistol-wise, but that just means I'll be back on the paper. And I need to build a target stand before I go back to KCR. The rentable stands weren't much three years ago, and they're even less now, regrettably.
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I'd like to say it's been quiet, but ... 
2010.06.06 22:38 - Meatspace Stupidity, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
Actually, aside from accidentally stabbing myself in the ankle0, it's been pretty quiet.

I'm overdue to hit the pistol range, but I'd like to rebuild my stash of ammo some, first. Plenty of rifle ammo for the moment, but limited ambition. Shooting's expensive, after all.

I did fix formatting on this post. So, I guess there's that.

0. Yes, accidentally, yes, the ankle. One trip to the ER, two stitches and a couple prescriptions to take care of the rash that came with it.

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Well, it's been such a nice day so far... 
2010.02.08 21:25 - Meatspace Stupidity, Whining, Work-related
Discovered some considerate jerk had taken out my passenger-side taillight when walked out to the car to drive to work. No note or anything that I noticed, so somebody's a real class act. I drove to work fairly angry, and discovered as I was parking that I'd left my access card on the dresser. Awesome! Since I wasn't in a mood to turn around and retrieve it, I signed myself in, and resolved to pick it up over lunch, which I did do.

Managed to return a bug ticket as a non-bug (testers: read your documentation!), and managed negative productivity the entire rest of the day, without any great input on my own part. A ticket that was in peer review was returned for minor revisions (no worries), then wound up being shelved for discussion that will probably involve a near-complete rewrite. Yay! It only took a week and 16 pages the first time, so I'm sure it won't be too big a pain the second time. (Do I have a dripping sarcasm tag? No?)

I was able to get an insurance claim filed, and will be stopping at the local PD to file a police report covering the damage, because I can't do that over the phone.

I was doing better while I was sleeping through the clock radio playing the classical music station ...
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Why the Bushmaster ACR is a bummer 
2010.01.23 22:00 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity
The short of it is that it took Bushmaster two and a half years to take what should have been a nearly finished design, strip out half the feature set (integral front sight, compatibility with AR-15 barrels and FCGs) to remove the possibility of after-market parts, add some weight to the gun for no obvious reason (Bushmaster ACR: 8.2 pounds vs. 7 pounds for the Remington ACR), and then charge twice the expected price for the privilege of having a barrel twist that people who pay two and three grand for a rifle apparently don't want. Oh, and cheap out on the sights.0

It must look like a brilliant move to somebody, but I have no idea who.

[Update: According to one of Bushmaster's people posting for the company at arfcom, the ACR does use standard AR trigger parts. The barrel, however, is still a new part.]

0. For the record, I like the MBUS: they work, and cost about a third what anything else with the same feature set costs. I'm even pretty sure they're there as much because they're made by Magpul as cost concerns. But, even a set of fixed (i.e., not flip-up) back-up iron sights made of steel costs twice what the MBUS does. When you're asking somebody to drop $3000 for a too-short rail farm and a folding stock, you could throw in a set of Troys for free. It would at least convey a sense that maybe you're not just charging the most you think you can get away with.

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