Wow. October, Huh? 
2010.10.12 16:00 - Guns, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity, Toys, Actual Toys, Work-related
It's been a few days since I posted anything here.

Work-wise, I've been tied up in a release that's finally coming to a head ... about an hour from now.

Outside of work, RHIT homecoming has come and gone. Related to that, Verizon has been bugging me. It seems I have some charges on my next bill for text messages. I sent or received some 40-odd messages trying to stay abreast of doings in the Haute.

Related: Legos are expensive, but I think I won the trip to Toys R Us. (Go me?)

Also noticed: guy in the pawn shop with a GPS ankle bracelet. I'm guessing a restraining order was involved, because he didn't seem to be under house arrest.

I seem to have picked up some sort of infection in the Haute or just before or after, and took almost long enough to get my butt to the doctor for things to become serious. Fortunately, they aren't, and time plus amoxycillin cures many a post-nasal drip. (Related: Zyrtec-D is fantastic.)

As far as things not related to bodily fluids are concerned, I got out to Knob Creek the last weekend of September, and mostly proved I'm so out of practice that I've forgotten what I'm doing (hammer bite!). A few trips to Open Range will work out some of the kinks, pistol-wise, but that just means I'll be back on the paper. And I need to build a target stand before I go back to KCR. The rentable stands weren't much three years ago, and they're even less now, regrettably.
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Minor Site Changes 
2010.07.13 09:09 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
Flipped through the last year or two's worth of entries to tag everything related to Hi-Powers. Just because. Also changed the 'Big Guns' category to 'Guns'.
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On the FN/Browning Hi-Power 
2010.05.16 22:50 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power
The Hi-Power is generally regarded as the last of John Moses Browning's firearms. In fact, he only designed a pair of prototypes of the Hi-Power; the pistol was finished after his death by Dieudonné Saive. If you're curious about the particulars, check out Wikipedia on the subject.

The Hi-Power is a fantastic pistol. Though not perfect, it points naturally, and is accurate as one could want. The Hi-Power fits well in the hand. Annoyances include a magazine disconnect which produces a different trigger pull depending on the finish of the particular magazine, and a tendency for hammer bite when held high on the grip, owing to developments in pistol shooting since the gun was designed. Originating in the days before +P ammo and hot NATO loadings (indeed, before NATO at all), the Hi-Power is usually not rated for 9x19mm+P, though swapping a spring or two will take care of that.

Well, there is one other problem: FN sells the Hi-Power very, very dear.

I've purchased both of mine used, each for a price that could buy a good, new autoloader from just about anybody else. But, boy, do they shoot. Makes me feel almost competent on the firing line. Almost.

So, there are a couple things I would change if I could. I'd like to see a Hi-Power sold at $700 that had an extended beavertail to facilitate a proper, modern grip and eliminate hammer bite, with a beveled magazine well and no magazine disconnect. Right now, that's not happening. It can't: even modifying something like a used FEG or Argentine FM-90 to accomodate the beavertail will run $700, and that's before the gun is refinished and any other work is done. For rather more than that, though, I may have what I want by the end of the year. We'll see.
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Range Notes 2010-05-14, 2010-05-15: Conversion FAIL 
2010.05.16 18:51 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power
So, range trips on Friday and Saturday.

Friday was the indoor range, with the Mateba and Hi-Power #2.

(I don't seem to have blogged Hi-Power #2. Huh.

HP2 is a .40S&W Hi-Power Practical: fixed sights, chromed frame, epoxy black slide. I purchased it back in December at a gun show for a fair-if-not-exceptional price, and discovered that it still had some red residue on it from manufacturing. The grips smell of cigarette smoke, though. Bought a conversion barrel in January, I think, from EFK Firedragon to run 9mm through it. Finally got around to testing this all out this week.)

Started and ended with the Mateba, which ran fine and attracted some attention from the guy on RSO/brass sweeping duty. He noticed that the cylinder looked funny and rotated the wrong direction. In fairness, the slide travels too fast for the human eye.

HP2 ... jammed. A lot. Double feeds, stove pipes ... Just generally not a happy camper. Tried two different magazines, and no joy from either one. Seemed like it might be solvable with a lighter recoil spring, so I resolved to go home and try that out at Knob Creek the following day.

Saturday was a morning trip with my sister to Knob Creek. My primary goals were to rotate ammo through the carry pistol and get everything that I'd been fiddling with (two ARs, a Saiga shotgun, and the second Hi-Power) tested.
  • The Stag-15 still works, but is getting kinda heavy with all the extra crap hanging off it. No surprise there. Sights need zeroed, and my sister reported a problem with the bolt not locking back on an empty mag. Other than needing to apply some Kentucky windage, it worked fine for me.
  • The yellow AR (which we'll call The Banana for the obvious reason) works fine, though I haven't check it out for conspicuous wear, yet. Very quiet shooting .22. Sounded like "pff!" through my ear muffs.
  • The Saiga ... sorta works. I'm not happy with the stock, but that may just be where it's positioned, right now. It simply will not eat Remington's low brass. It's practically a bolt action on that stuff. It runs A-OK on 3" magnum buckshot, but owmyshoulder.
  • Having swapped the 18.5lb spring to 17 for the Hi-Power, discovered that it wouldn't eject: spent cases were getting caught in the ejection port. And I didn't think to bring the .40S&W magazines for it along, so it sat most of the trip out.
  • Hi-Power #1 just worked. My sister claimed to have a problem with it not locking back on the last round, though.
I think the Saiga can be sorted with a trip to somebody who knows their stuff to enlarge the gas ports, and the addition of a Warsaw-length fixed stock. Won't be as swoovy as a folder, but that plus a recoil pad and my shoulder will be happier.

The Hi-Power might be fixable by swapping the mainspring down and going back to the 18.5lb recoil spring, but I can't do that myself and won't be able to shoot .40S&W in it without getting the mainspring swapped. I will have to ponder this for a while.

Also ran some ammo through the CZ, and the Sig Mosquito. The Mosquito was its usual self: fine for the first magazine, irascible thereafter. The CZ just did its thing: accurate and reliable.
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Happy Birthday to me 
2010.05.13 00:59 - Guns
31. I feel old. And lonely. I really thought I'd be married by now.

Didn't figure on being the best armed guy I know, however. Funny how these things work out when you have a plan at all.

Come Hell or high water, I'll be visiting the indoor range for pistol shooting on Friday, just because I'm way overdue. If the weather cooperates (and it seems it won't), I intend to visit Knob Creek on Saturday. They were closed due to flooding a week ago, though, and I don't think it's been dry enough for that to change--thunderstorms this morning, and more predicted for Friday.

Now, come Hell and high water ... I'm staying home and loading clips and magazines. Demons in rowboats get FMJ.
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