The Vast, Fluffy-Tailed Conspiracy 
2007.07.16 14:00 - Meatspace Stupidity, News and Politics
This is actually the second report of this that I've seen, so I'm passing it on in case anyone who's reading is interested.

It seems Iran has detained a dozen or so squirrels on suspicion of espionage.

(Link blatantly stolen from MonkeyFilter.)

There's another, equally brief, article here, this one stolen from Chizumatic.

Just remember, they look cute and fluffy while they're stealing seeds from your bird feeder, but we now know that they're busy plotting to steal nuclear secrets from under the noses of the likes of Iran. Who knows? Perhaps they are simultaneously negotiating for that same information with North Korea, who are, presumably, more willing to deal in acorns.
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The Best Advertisement For Anything, Ever 
2007.06.04 21:59 - Guns, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity
This is probably the very best argument I've seen for buying a Glock.

Personally, I was thinking I'd buy a Glock 20 and a SIG GSR sometime next year, when the guns and butter budget resets.
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