I think I finally have a line on Garand ammunition 
2008.10.27 13:26 - Guns, M1 Garand, Miscellanea, Zombie Preparedness
I'm reading that .30-06 loads with bullets weighing 150gr or less are reasonably safe for use in the Garand, so I may pick up a box or two at Le Mart d'Wal this week, just to have something that can be run through the rifle. (Like some other folks, I have an aversion to owning a gun I can't/won't use. Even if I only ever go to the range.)

It also appears that the CMP has modified their rules a bit, so that they no longer require one to actually shoot competitively, so the only requirement for membership (and, thereby, the ability to purchase surplus ammo) is "membership in an affiliated club". Although I think there is such a group locally, it seems that the Garand Collector's Association also qualifies.

I'ma go mail my application with this month's bills this evening.
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Does no-one else have these problems? 
2008.10.16 13:12 - Miscellanea
I upgraded to Firefox 3 at home and work months ago now, and I have a couple of continuing complaints.

The first is that the new autocomplete in the URL bar is entirely too loose in its search criteria, and its sort is a little iffy as well, though that seems more intractable. At least, it seems like typing an 'h' into the URL bar didn't bring up anything and everything with 'http://' in it before. Maybe that's just me, though.

The other aggravation is that FF 2 didn't bring up fifty gazillion confirmations for cookies when a website was loading images from a different place that wanted to set cookies. Now, I seem to be getting a dialog for each image for, say, domain Y, and I must dismiss all of them before I can do anything else with the browser.

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Evil x 3? 
2008.09.15 22:16 - Miscellanea, News and Politics, Toys, Actual Toys
Today's mail includes a missive on energy policy from the Heritage Foundation, and a lapel pin. This should go nicely with the lapel pin the RNC sent me back in 2004, and the Decepticon pin that came with a couple of Transformers0 I bought a while back.

[Update: The Heritage 'pin' isn't a pin at all: it's a metal plate with a magnet! Nifty.]

0. Just wanted to note that guy takes very good pictures of toys. If those two look uninspiring, well ... they're not great figures, really.

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Well, that was boring. 
2008.09.15 13:41 - Miscellanea, Work-related, Zombie Preparedness
What was left of Hurricane Ike knocked out the power to something like half the city yesterday, including my apartment. It was still out when I left for work this morning.

And, now my apartment has power again. So, hot shower, plus internetting for me this evening.

In a couple weeks, I guess, I need to dig up a lantern and other assorted bits just in case this happens again. Probably store that stuff out on the porch, though.

[Work-related Addendum: I'd be working, but I'm waiting on a three-hour-ish process to finish. Should be done soon. Ish.]
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Life is weird. 
2008.08.16 13:09 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea, Zombie Preparedness
In one tab, I am checking to see if anyone is taking pre-orders on a new model of assault rifle yet (doesn't look like it), and in the other I'm searching to find a silicone matcha whisk (ditto).

I sometimes worry that the zombie uprising will find me both heavily armed and perfectly accessorized. (Is there a camouflage pattern for urban coffee shop? No?)
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