Comments are still off 
2008.01.03 15:37 - Site/Meta
In case you were wondering, there are currently more hits trying to reach the comments.php file that is no longer publically accessible than probably hit any other single file at this domain.

Which is impressive, in a depressing sort of way.
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2007.11.08 14:58 - Entertainment, Internet Stupidity, Site/Meta
Found this one over at View from the Porch:
cash advance

So, look for a possible increase in jargon and 64-dollar words. After the holidays. Maybe.

I really do intend to blog again on some of the stuff in the categories list at some point. Well, not so much 'News and Politics', and hopefully not too much 'Miscellanea' or 'Work-related', but you get the idea.
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Comments disabled. 
2007.09.26 12:47 - Site/Meta
Just in case you had something you had to tell me, you'd best use email. Seems like I've been found by another spam bot, for what reason I cannot imagine.
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Comments are back on, FWIW 
2007.09.17 11:30 - Site/Meta
Apparently, turning them off just unlinks the comments page from the blog pages. It doesn't actually keep, say, a spambot from submitting comments.

People who aren't spambots, go nuts. Or not, however you're inclined.
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2007.09.17 01:25 - Site/Meta
Stop spamming my blog, jerkface.
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