2005.10.31 09:03 - Entertainment, Books
I really should read more. I should probably read better stuff, but at the very least, I should read more. If only to excavate all the damned magazines. In the last month, I read Robert Jordan's latest opus, Knife of Dreams, and a pair of Pratchett novels.

I thought the latest Wheel of Time book was better than the previous one, but my only real recommendation would be to pick it up whenever if you're following the series, but if you're not, why care? I imagine there's at least a year until the next volume, so, if you can wait, Knife of Dreams will be a darn sight cheaper then. I distinctly recall picking up some of the hardcovers for less than the paperback, because I waited. Stuff happens, some questions are finally answered, some suppositions finally confirmed (some of those only obliquely), but it all feels like set-pieces being moved into position.

Pratchett. I can't say that I ever find Mr. Pratchett a deeply intellectual read, but he's usually been an enjoyable one. For all that, I wonder if some of the noise I remember hearing when Night Watch came out isn't true: the man may be off his game. (I actually enjoyed Night Watch, but that's been a year or more ago.) The two I just finished up were Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal. I though Going Postal was a fair read, but really found Monstrous Regiment a bit tedious. Might have been the subject matter (did you know that women can do the sorts of things men can do? Really? Blimey!), or just context, which could have much read into it, fairly or otherwise. Parts of Going Postal will be funny to anyone who thinks that Dilbert or "Office Space" are funny.

There was one matter in Going Postal than bugged me slightly. I seem to recall that, in Reaperman, it was established that light on the Disc moved subsonicly--slowly enough that it could be seen 'leaking around the trees', or something to that effect, in the sunrise behind a forest. It is suggested in the latter part of the book that an object moving at supersonic speeds would be quite unable to outrun light. A niggling detail, which probably confirms only that a) the Discworld is not quite internally consistent and b) I am a huge dork. Both are probably well-established facts.
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