2007.09.19 13:27 - Entertainment, Books, Comics, Music, Movies, Internet Stupidity
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Well, &*^%! 
2007.09.17 01:34 - Entertainment, Books, Miscellanea, News and Politics
Seems that Robert Jordan died yesterday (9/16) afternoon. Details at Wikipedia, and probably at this link to his blog. I found out from a posting at RedState.com.

Despite the long standing joke about whether he'd finish the series before he died (which, granted, stopped being funny over a year ago), I can't say I expected it to actually happen. I can only assume he's busy writing where'er his soul may be.
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Someone on this server has a significant web presence 
2007.08.25 19:10 - Entertainment, Internet Stupidity, Site/Meta
I'm just going to tell you right now that I'm pretty sure it isn't me. If nothing else, I don't have other bloggers camping the article spawn on my (kinda crummy) blog.

It amuses me that someone else does, though.
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Transformers was pretty cool 
2007.07.03 09:07 - Entertainment, Movies, Toys, Actual Toys
I don't know if I'd call it a good film. I like to make a distinction between films which are good, because they are well-executed all across the board, and films which are entertaining. Michael Bay Presents Michael Bay's Transformers: A Michael Bay Film is a heck of a fun ride. There are some bad words and profanity, but I'm moderately certain that there are no F-bombs. There is a lot of violence, but very little blood. I think there's a conversation in the film that's not really suitable for kids under twelve or thirteen, but I don't have many qualms recommending the film otherwise.

I'd give it 3.25 out of 5, with a strong recommendation. But you should probably check your brain at the door.
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Reason #6,728 That I Am A Terrible Person 
2007.06.21 10:52 - Entertainment, Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea, Toys
I want to build a Squirrel-A-Pult.

(Probably some bad language in the comments.)

Honestly, I don't know whether I'm more amused by the squirrel 'trap', or the horrified reactions of the people who think the tree rat was somehow harmed by being launched off the porch in a plastic colander. I'm 99% certain that the only parts of that squirrel that were hurt were his pride and his interest in plastic kitchen tools.
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