Getting Better 
2009.08.03 09:07 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Meatspace Stupidity
Went to the indoor range on Sunday, blew a hundred rounds and signed up for a CCW class.

Long, long, long way to go before I reach good, but I can keep all my shots on the paper at 25 feet, now, so I figure that's closer to mediocre than to awful. I ran out of brass-cased .22 last week, so I don't have anything really cheap to use for practice at the indoor place.

One thing, though. There was once when I retrieved the target from downrange and counted one more hole than should have been there. Might've been the bros in the lane next to me with the laser-equipped Glock, as I think the lane on my other side was unoccupied (couldn't see into it, though). It worries me just a bit, but they seemed safe enough other than the aim, and it's not like I'm dropping my bullets into single hole at 25 yards myself.

[Addendum: Also, also: I have a hell of a flinch (helped a lot to turn the volume down on my earmuffs, though), and am having a bit of a problem with hammer bite from the Hi-Power. Yet another reason for buying a second Hi-Power: to have a spare while the carry piece is off being pimped getting customized.]
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I have a holster 
2009.07.27 18:21 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power
I guess I need to stop by the indoor range tomorrow and sign up for a CCW class, so I can then apply for a license to be a paranoid lunatic carry a concealed weapon.

About the holster, though. I purchased a Comp-Tac MTAC after reading the goings-on at SayUncle.

You kinda have to (not) see it to believe it, and in the twenty or thirty minutes of messing around I did, I'm satisfied that it's going to work fine. (SayUncle links a nicely illustrative review elsewhere.) And their customer service does seem to be very good.
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Brief Range Notes 
2009.04.20 09:42 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Zombie Preparedness
I went to the indoor range yesterday, sending two magazines through the Hi-Power, and four or five through the Sig Mosquito. I did all my shooting yesterday at ten feet, which is very close.

The Mosquito is my newest gun, actually, and its major virtues are that it is chambered in .22LR and mostly looks and feels like a gun chambered for 9x19mm or something. It had some feeding and ejection difficulties, but not until the second or third magazine, so it may just have been dirt, or the inexpensive ammo.

I started off with the Hi-Power, though, and managed to make my entire day by putting a half-dozen or so close enough together that the holes touched. This is a gun that rattles when shaken, with magazines that still have rust on them, despite my best efforts. It is my favorite gun. Well. Hard call between the HP, the Mateba and the Garand, but easily my favorite Browning-pattern autoloading pistol. And, when it's all cleaned up, it's even pretty, as such things go.
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Might Be Buying Another Hi-Power This Year 
2009.03.11 09:59 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power
Word on the street is (again) that FN's discontinuing the Hi-Power.

Probably something to do with poor sales and profitability, but their unwillingness to import them in any significant number and desire to price the gun two to three hundred dollars higher than most of its competition doesn't do them any favors. Unfortunate, that.

I guess I'll scrape up the money somewhere. I'd really like to grab one in .40S&W: I don't care for the caliber at all, but it ought to be possible to get a 9mm barrel and settle concerns about hot 9mm ammunition.

[Update: Stephen Camp updates in that same thread that Browning (well, a Browning/Winchester "PR person" claims the Hi-Power will be not be discontinued.

I may still scrape up the funds for another one anyway.]

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Range Notes - 2008-12-27 
2009.01.27 19:55 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, M1 Garand, Meatspace Stupidity
This would be the much-overdue post I've been meaning to write since the end of last month. No promises about the quality of the writing.

So, the Saturday after Christmas, I collected my rather small arsenal, eighty-plus pounds of water in plastic bottles of varying size and shape and took my sister off to the gun range for a lesson in impractical pistol and rifle shooting. My father came along to dispose of a defunct chainsaw. More on that in a moment.

Dad was kind enough to drive, which is handy because fitting three people, a rifle, and all the water bottles in the passenger compartment of my car wasn't happening, also I was feeling pretty tired, as it was relatively early on a Saturday morning.

Off to the range we went, and were able to get signed in and set up while there were still lanes available. By the time we left, people were lining up for vacancies on the firing line.

I set my sister up with the Browning Hi-Power on the theory that the smallish steel-framed 9mm would be the most easily handled. This worked so well that I nearly had to wrestle it away from her to the other guns. Suffice to say, she had fun. She also quickly became an equal to or better shot than myself, which is mildly annoying.

While she entertained herself with the Hi-Power, I set up the Garand and put the first couple of shots down range. I am no longer worried about the bore. It's fine. Also, it's really impressive what 150 grains of .30-06 soft-point will do to a gallon jug of water.

To our right was another guy with a Garand. He appeared to be rather more serious about things than I am, and had himself a rest and homemade brass catcher and target stand. To our left was a handful of guys with AKs and ARs that appeared to be plinking away.

At the second all-clear, we dragged out the chainsaw. A fresh clip went into the Garand, and Dad was given the first shot. My sister took some after pictures, but nothing from beforehand. Trust me, it was a chainsaw once. By the time we left, there wasn't even much to scoop up and drop in the trash can, but we had some help from both sides (Garand guy asked permission, and we're pretty sure a few other souls just blazed away at anything downrange and target-like).

Finally, there was Mr. Wuss. Poor Wuss.
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