Who Reads The Watchmen? 
2009.03.09 15:04 - Entertainment, Comics, Movies
I haven't been to the theater yet to see Watchmen. I'm expecting to be somewhat disappointed based on the magnitude of the hype and on my experience with the book itself. As far as it goes, I thought Squadron Supreme had a better foundation, and that Kingdom Come was Squadron Supreme with better writing and art.

Watchmen, its value as a cultural artifact aside, has always left me ... lukewarm, I guess. The art's interesting, the comic is compelling in its way, but the conclusion and certain of the key, underlying assumptions don't work for me and the result seems hollow. Maybe it made more sense in the 1980's, when the Cold War was a going concern and we worried more about WWIII being one very hot, very short exchange of extreme hostilities, rather than a long, tedious struggle against religious extremists.

In the end, though, Watchmen, the comic book, seems to me mostly a story about a paranoid, sociopathic right-winger and a nebbish with a costume fetish losing out against New Progressive Man and a literal Man of Science. Honestly, it's a hard story to like. As for spoilers: Watchmen was published in 1986. There's a statute of limitations on this stuff.

For a bit more in this vein, check out Peeve Farm, and the Will Collier review linked there.
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And then she's gone. 
2008.05.02 01:46 - Entertainment, Comics
No, no. Things are fine here. I'm in a bit of a funk, as I am wont to be, but there's nothing awry. There is something I feel like pointing out, though.

Earlier this evening, as I browsed the comics forum of one the Interblag's seamier underbellies, I was reminded of Astro City, which is really one of comicdom's shining stars. For good or ill, the reminder came in the form of a link to a story entitled "The Nearness of You".

I sort of skimmed over it the first time this evening, as it seemed immediately familiar--in fact, it's tucked in the back of one of the trade paperbacks I purchased a few years ago when I finally got around to checking Astro City out. (And, while I'm short one or two such volumes, it looks like I'm pretty up to date, otherwise.) I had started to anticipate what was coming when I got to the reveal in the fourteenth page. I'm pretty sure I cried when I read the story out of the trade paperback the first time. Surprisingly, it still hit like a punch to the gut this evening, even on a second reading (I needed to get it out of my system; it helped a bit to reread for the detail I skipped over previously). Possibly, I'm just a sap for that sort of thing.

The additional commentary at the end is interesting and, I think, valid. But read the story first. You might need a handkerchief.
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Why I Enjoy Hellboy: 
2008.04.23 11:35 - Entertainment, Comics, Movies
From over at io9:
Hellboy, Social Critic?

There's not really much social criticism in the Hellboy comics, Mignola says. "It's certainly never been my intention. I just want to see the big stuff smashing into each other. And a talking hedgehog! We have a talking hedgehog coming up! I'm really excited about that."

Honestly, I rather like it when my escapist entertainment is, well, entertainingly escapist. It certainly beats the heck out of crassinine metaphors for the software industry (also from io9, home of embarrassing fannishness).

Anyway, you should check out the Hellboy comics if you get a chance. They're usually a lot of fun.
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So, comic book movies are all the rage these days 
2008.04.08 09:31 - Entertainment, Comics, Movies
Still, I hadn't expected that Will Eisner's The Spirit would be a likely licensee.

In case you're wondering, I'm not actually familiar with the book. I know it's very well regarded in comic book artist/writer circles, but that's about all I know. Anyway, I figured I wasn't the only one who didn't know this was coming, and thought some of my potential readers might be interested. I guess I'll see if the waveform collapses and proves me right about that.
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Dashed Hopes 
2008.02.14 16:14 - Entertainment, Comics, Microcode
Q: Is it can be KotOR 3?

A: NO.

... I'll be honest, the KotOR games, even as shoddily unfinished as KotOR 2 is (even after all this time--hurry the heck up, guys!), were the best Star Wars movies I've had since the special edition was in the theaters.

... I think I'm going to see what I can find for KotOR mods when I get home. I have some time off next week and the week after that I isn't completely allocated, and it's been quite a while since I stayed up all night to play through KotOR 1.

FWIW, I like the KotOR comics Dark Horse is publishing quite a bit, as well. They aren't as "mature" as the Legacy series that's out, but I find them a great deal more fun, which I like in my entertainment.

[Addendum: Credit where it's due: both links concerning the EA press release came from TheForce.Net.]
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