Double Bummed 
2011.04.20 16:11 - Entertainment, Movies
I was reminded a little bit ago that I really miss drive in movies. There's still a drive-in in the area, but it's a bit of a drive to reach.

It sounds like only other drive-in left in the area might reopen under new management.

However, someone affiliated with the possible new management has posted (on a site I don't frequent and don't feel like linking here) that weapons being on one's person or in one's vehicle will be grounds for ejection and banning from the premises.

I guess it's good to know up front that they don't want my money. (Especially since I recall that being a part of town I wasn't entirely comfortable being in after dark.)

Ah, well.
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Quick Review: Battle: Los Angeles 
2011.03.20 21:42 - Entertainment, Movies
It's OK.

Honestly, I had less fun that I'd hoped, but it's not a bad movie at all. It's also not a movie with grand designs on setting the world of cinematography on its head, so if you're accustomed to thinkier fare, it's probably skippable.

Too much shakeycam, though I stop noticing quickly so I couldn't tell you if there was any in the last two-thirds of the movie. It's annoying up front, though.

Call it a 3.5 of 5. No awards, but a fair movie.
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The Mechanic 
2011.02.07 10:51 - Entertainment, Movies
I watched The Mechanic Sunday afternoon. Smarter movie than I'd have guessed (though that's not saying a lot, really). Apparently, it's a remake of a Charles Bronson film from the 1970's.

Two things:
First, it really earns that R rating. The violence I expected, but the sex scenes were a bit of a surprise. Maybe I'm just sheltered, though?

Second, there's a training montage in the first half of the film with some nice slow-motion film of cinder blocks being shot, etc, which includes a really nice clip of a spent case being ejected from a gun and tumbling through the air ... which affords a really excellent view showing the case is from a crimped blank.

All told, I thought it was a good film and would give it about 3.5 out of 5. Not very deep, but what's there seemed (mostly) well done.
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Not dead, just tired 
2010.11.30 20:24 - Entertainment, Books, Movies, Meatspace Stupidity, Whining, Work-related
Criminy, it's almost December.

I think I can sum up my life the last month as: work, TV zombies, work, TV spies, work, TV spaceship, work, work, cartoons, more cartoons, minecraft, work, TV zombies, work, etc.

I've read Monster Hunter Vendetta, am most of the way through Unseen Academicals, watched a movie or two, eaten some turkey, and have otherwise been a little too shelled from work to devote much time to life outside my head.

Two and a half more weeks to the end of the year, for me. I think I owe my employer two-hundred-odd unit tests and some additional code in the meantime, though.

Oh, and I've been listening to The Protomen. First album's okay, second's very good.
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The Expendables 
2010.08.18 13:17 - Entertainment, Movies
Summary: Big, dumb, loud, violent, and more fun than it has any right to be.


The Expendables is a terrible film. The acting is awful, the story is stupid, the premise is preposterous, the characters crummy. (It is, in fact, so awful I think it must be intentionally bad.) It is also awesome. Honestly, this was probably the most fun I've had in the movie theater in at least a year and a half. (And I thought A-Team was great fun, FWIW.)

Recommendation: If A-Team was too cerebral for you, this is your film.
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