No comment. 
2009.12.22 22:59 - Guns, Entertainment, Music

Stolen from here.
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Genre Classification is Baroquen. 
2009.09.12 23:47 - Entertainment, Music, Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea, Whining
My iPod came with a default playlist called 'Classical Music'. Intuitively, it contains anything in my music library that has been classified as belonging to the 'classical' genre.

There are currently twelve composers represented in this list.
  • J. S. Bach is from the Baroque period.
  • Anton Bruckner, Georges Bizet, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and Franz Schubert are all Romantics.
  • Fritz Kreisler and Gustav Holst are Moderns (though I'm using that term rather more broadly than the music geeks in the audience probably like).
  • Sergei Rachmaninov and Gustav Mahler are arguably Romantic and Modern.
  • John Williams is late enough that I'm not sure he isn't post-Modern, but I don't know that he's Post-Modern, either.
  • 'Traditional' is not a composer. And "The Star Spangled Banner" isn't classical, even if Sergei Rachmaninov is playing it on the piano.
I hate cddb. Not strongly, but enough.

And, for the record, that's about as music-geeky as I get. I can't particularly tell the difference by listening, but it turns out that I still remember a little of the music education I got in elementary/middle school.

Related: apparently, Frederic Chopin looked a bit like David Carradine (or so it seems to me). I had no idea.

[Edited: After much fixing of syntax, a terrible and over-used pun occurred to me, so I updated the title.]
[Edited again: Fixed some syntax.]
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iTunes Artwork fetching is horribly broken. 
2008.12.11 03:02 - Entertainment, Music, Miscellanea
Look, I know it's confusing, but I really think that iTunes ought to be able to guarantee that at least one of Weezer's three eponymous albums have the correct artwork. Instead, the blue and red albums (1994 and 2008, respectively) both have the artwork for the green album, which has none.

Yes, I realize there are better solutions to this problem. I'm just saying, if you're going to be wrong, couldn't you at least be consistently wrong? Especially if you've got the right art inside the iTunes store?
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Chrono Trigger DS is out 
2008.12.02 09:11 - Entertainment, Music, Microcode
At least, I received a copy from Amazon yesterday evening. I assume it's out. I was mildly miffed about paying more than the usual $30 for a DS game, but it came with a soundtrack disc. Only two tracks, though, so it's obviously not complete, but I thought that was a nice bonus.
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Pretty sure this is total ear candy, 
2008.08.10 00:01 - Entertainment, Music
but it's really nice ear candy.

A complete switch is this, which relationship is that it's another song I've been listening to today.
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