Happy Groundhog Day 
2015.02.01 17:27 - Meatspace Stupidity, Site/Meta
The latter half of last year was long and often both bleak and unpleasant.

So, we'll say no more about it.
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I ain't dead 
2014.05.23 08:05 - Site/Meta
But I haven't had much to say, either.
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It's been quiet. 
2012.10.16 11:09 - Site/Meta
That's a good thing, of course.
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I'm blogrolled where? 
2011.10.20 13:02 - Site/Meta
I keep forgetting that I'm actually linked one or two places other than the RGSB list, which tends to contain people I have actually met. Just discovered I'm on a list of 'gun blogs', which, I guess, is as accurate a label as any other.

I expect I'll have some relevant content again, soonish. Before the end of the year, surely. Probably not before the end of the month.
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Haven't felt like blogging much 
2011.07.19 09:59 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Site/Meta
I haven't even been up to much on Twitter. I have a Google Plus account, but haven't figured out what that's for, yet.

May be finally getting that ACR, though.
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