The Weekend in Games 
2007.02.05 11:35 - Entertainment, Microcode, Television
  1. Final Fantasy XII: Completed a handful of hunts, but the big achievement was running through the last dungeon and beating the ever-loving tar out of the final boss. The strategy guide suggested a minimum level of 40, and recommended 45+. At level 56 across all six characters, I didn't have to significantly modify gambits or equipment, nor swap characters out. I didn't even need to issue very many commands manually, which was actually pretty cool. There's still several metric tons of side-quest to be completed, but I think I can say that FFXII is the best of the lot. Leaving FFXI aside, since I've never bothered, and Tactics (barely played), X-2 (haven't played, never will), and a handful of other side entries, I think FFXII is the best FF game made thus far. Given what I've seen of FFXIII, I think that's likely to remain true for a while. Yasumi Matsuno left Square part-way through this game's development; does anyone know anything about where he wound up, or what games he's working on? Recommended if you miss Final Fantasy.
  2. Guild Wars: Nothing much. Did a little faction farming, completed a couple missions over the past week and opened up another Hero for my main character. A little burned-out on GW at the moment, especially with the latest round of skill-balancing going through right now. It's cool that ArenaNet goes to such lengths to make the PvP end of the game interesting, but I don't play PvP any more than necessary (which is to say, hardly at all, and never against/with actual people). Since the latest round of changes doesn't do me any favors in PvE land, I'm not that interested. Looking forward to details on expansion 4, one of these days. (Nightfall's really excellent, though.)
  3. Myst Online: URU: Aside from a few uncomfortable moments of confused identity Saturday night, Uru's actually pretty cool. Since it's a non-competitive game (and a non-violent game), it's more fun, in some ways, than anything else I've played (I never played Myst back when it was new). It hasn't grabbed me quite as firmly as it seems to have taken some other people, though. More poking around the dusty remains of a dead(?) civilisation this evening.
  4. Final Fantasy III: Couldn't help but be a come down from FFXII, but this is the last of the mainline FF games that I haven't played. So far, I loathe the magic system (seriously: it's the FF1 system, with some extra types of magic. I'll probably just have to keep my characters dedicated to specific lines of magic, which defeats the point of the job system), and the story is a bit less directed than I'd like, but I don't seem to have gotten really lost more than once. First impression: crummy, legacy magic system in an otherwise spectacular remake of an originally 8-bit game.

I hear there was a football game, but I didn't see much besides pretty mediocre commercials. Sorry, Matt, I think your team lost this year.
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I'm told that it's V-Day. 
2006.03.30 14:20 - Entertainment, Movies, Internet Stupidity, Television, Toys, Actual Toys
I'm told that it's V-Day.
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Random Links 
2006.03.19 20:25 - Entertainment, Internet Stupidity, Television
Totally unrelated, but I'm too lazy to make separate entries.

Futurama to be back on the airwaves?
Possible origin of the JATO rocket-powered Impala urban legend/Darwin Award Winner

[Update: Disregard re: Futurama. Url through /..]
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TV Linkies 
2006.03.15 01:03 - Entertainment, Television
If you didn't already hear it, it seems that four Futurama movies are planned for release to DVD, with recording to start this fall. Keen.

Also, a TV pilot that never aired, directed by Ben Stiller, starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson. The pilot itself is unavailable, but the intro and scripts are up for all to see. Funny stuff, especially if you liked the crappy scifi shows of the 70s and 80s.
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Boondocks 'a parody of paranoid delusional racist fantasies'? 
2005.11.08 10:02 - Entertainment, Television
Cartoon Network has started running an animated series based on Aaron McGruder's comic strip, 'The Boondocks'. I don't have an informed opinion on either the strip, which I don't read, or the new show, which I have no desire to watch. (Full disclosure: my few encounters with the former have been decidedly disappointing, and I found the ad campaign for the latter revolting.)

Brian Tiemann, though, actually endeavored to watch it last weekend. It appears that he wasn't impressed. In the meantime, one of his readers suggests that McGruder's strip is actually a parody of the sort of views it seems to spout, ala South Park. I don't find this to be a credible theory, but I'd love to hear some legitimate argument for/against it.
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