You'll probably hear about this before the day is out 
2007.02.26 11:02 - News and Politics, Philosophy and Religion
At least, if it's of any significance, anyway.

James Cameron is holding a press conference0 wherein he intends to present claims that a handful of bodies found in a family crypt in Jerusalem in 1980 actually belonged to Jesus of Nazareth; his mother, Mary; his wife, Mary Magdalene; and his son, Judah (amongst others, presumably).

He claims to have DNA evidence to support these claims, but I don't see how that can do anything other than verify that the bodies were related (which is stated by the inscriptions in the tomb, after all). At least, I'm not aware of too many free-floating bits of DNA that can be tied back to any of those figures.


0. Don't read the comments. It's really not worth the IQ points you'll lose.

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2006.11.16 13:15 - News and Politics
Seems that Milton Friedman has died. That seems a shame, though at 94, I suppose it is not so great a surprise.
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Well, that's no good. 
2006.11.15 15:11 - News and Politics
After some soul searching in which it appeared that the GOP needed a return to principles, like low taxes, small government, and so forth, the remaining Republican Senators have elected the honorable Trent Lott as Minority Whip. Way to go, guys. Keep up the good work.

I don't know much about Lott's recard, and I'm reasonably convinced that the comments regarding Strom Thurmond's run for President as a Dixiecrat are a bit overblown. He is, however, a political liability and, by reliable accounts, not so conservative as all that. Guess the Senators aren't that interested in winning in 2008. Terrific.

[Addendum: For the record, I am having second thoughts about the above recriminations and gnashing of teeth. (Which is good, because I haven't the faintest idea where to find sackcloth outside of business hours and, anyway, it's so terribly gauche.) I'm still less than enthused by the choice of Trent Lott, but the only other choice was Lamar Alexander, whose conservative bona fides are more dubious and apetite for pork somewhat stronger. And, while I don't know what Alexander's leadership credentials look like, ISTR that Lott was at least passable in leadership when the GOP was last in the Senate minority. Seems like a wash, the more I think about it.]
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2006.11.08 10:08 - News and Politics
I bet we get some good immigration reform now! Why, I bet the economy turns right around and looks great, too! Yup, the dawning of a new day in America today!</sarcasm, so very, very much sarcasm>

In truth, I might be less irritated if KY-03 (my Congressional district) hadn't turned out Northup in favor of a guy who, as near as I could tell, is basically an empty suit. In fairness, Yarmuth may be a bit more economically sane than his party leadership, but, as a freshman congresscritter, I doubt he'll have much influence.

On the upside, it looks like this is finally enough of a kick in the pants to the Republican leadership to get them focused on doing something right, instead of trying to shore up support by playing a bunch of the same old stupid games. It'll be a while before we get all those seats back, but I think it'll start happening in 2008. And, if the Republicans have managed to keep the Senate (the Montana and Virginia races still being up in the air), we might get one more decent judge on the SCotUS bench before this is over. Not a huge comfort, but it's something.
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Time to buy shares in Bacardi. 
2006.10.09 20:34 - News and Politics
Or at least stockpile a little rum, lime juice and coke, for proper celebration once the waveform collapses.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

Last two links borrowed from RedState and Digg.
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