Praise Batman! 
2006.02.17 21:43 - Entertainment, Comics, News and Politics
It seems that, under the guidance of Frank Miller, Batman will be taking the war on terror to Al-Qaeda. (The Grauniad apparently errs slightly: the title of the proposed book is to be Holy Terror, Batman, not Holy Terror. Googling turned up the later title on a Batman Elseworld book from 1991.)
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I laugh every time I think about this. 
2005.10.07 10:26 - Entertainment, Comics, Internet Stupidity
I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing.
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Of Especial Interest to Imler 
2005.09.15 14:39 - Entertainment, Comics, Microcode
On this, the squishy hunam's natal day: It seems that someone has picked up the rights to a Sam And Max game. Someone not LucasArts, that is.

Some will also be intrigued that the aforementioned company is apparently also working on a proejct based around Jeff Smith's Bone. (You have read Bone, haven't you?) The slashbot spin on that one looks depressing, though.
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And by sweet, I mean totally awesome. 
2005.06.09 09:17 - Entertainment, Comics
Dark Horse will finally be releasing some new Hellboy material longer than five pages this month. Woot! Also, new BPRD storyline in August. Sweet.

Bruce Campbell fans may wish to check out Man with the Screaming Brain, which second issue will be in stores in a couple of weeks (which means there's a fair chance that the first issue is still laying around your comic shop).
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