I always forget what it's like to be able to smell. 
2007.01.02 13:22 - Miscellanea
I can smell things! And taste them. O frabjous day!

This happens now and then, actually. Most of the time, my sinuses are so screwed that the only things I can really smell are really, really strong odors: the week-old garbage, the catbox that needs changed, the woman who uses entirely too much perfume. You can probably imagine. Under normal circumstances, I really can't smell, say, my mug of tea. This also means my tongue is almost perenially coated. That's not quite as gross as you might think, but the upshot is that my ability to savor food is a often a bit limited. (Just to round out the list of poor senses, I, of course, am near-sighted and practically tone-deaf. Yay.)

This has the decidedly unpleasant benefit of letting me notice that my tea smells and tastes of .... sweat socks. Mmm-mmm. Glad that's the last of the Tazo Earl Gray, then. I hope the green and Oolong teas I've had sitting around aren't subject to the same problem.
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Respect for Others' Property in the Workplace? 
2006.12.26 11:41 - Miscellanea
I just discovered that some enterprising soul had stabbed the gel wrist rest I purchased (with my own money, because I am lazy and can't be bothered with finding out what the appropriations/expensing process is around here) with a disposable fountain pen (also mine, for more or less the same set of reasons) while I was gone.

That was ... kind of them. At least they only did it twice, in a small corner, instead of all over the thing. No great damage done, save to the perception of security regarding the bits and pieces and tchotchkes kept in my cubicle. (The pen still writes as well as it ever did, even.)

I suspect that somebody's kid was loose in the office over the holiday and was left to their own devices a bit too long. I don't really get it. I hope they'll bring something to keep the kid occupied next time. I don't really like the idea of having my stuff vandalised just because somebody couldn't find a babysitter.
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Coming up on a deadline at work 
2006.12.14 12:08 - Entertainment, Microcode, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
I have some code that's due on Monday, plus maybe a bit more later that week (details forthcoming?). Busy at work, and the normal workday only gives me a few uninterrupted hours to actually get anything much done. On the upside, I just need to test it before I call it done right now. Woo!

Haven't finished FFXII yet: nights lately have been spent in Guild Wars, where I have finally gotten my primary character through Ascension[0] in the Prophecies campaign. So lonely in Guild Wars. Good thing, then, that Heroes[1] have let me proceed this far without having to take on help from random players more than once. (Yes, I am leery of attempting cooperation with unknown players. Too much time in FPS land, perhaps.)

While doing that, I've been rifling through monsters' pockets for elite skills[2]. The bosses in the missions in the Crystal Desert each have one, though, and there's one elite skill for each class of boss in the area. As it turns out, one of the mission has a boss of each class type, so I guess I'm going to spend some time capturing the four I don't have yet (having already grabbed the ones for my primary and secondary classes before completing all of the Ascension missions).

I'm going to try to spend some time in FFXII this weekend, though. Made it to Archades, got me a Sandalwood Chop, but haven't actually taken the taxi, yet.

In news not related to my being a gigantic dork, I went to a housewarming party last weekend.

0. Ascended characters can change secondary classes. At-will, now, since changes to the game system allow class changes at any town or outpost. I have, in fact, completed the Ascension mission in Nightfall, but it doesn't provide the option for un-Ascended characters from other campaigns. I'll still need to poke around to see what's required to open up the Nightfall and Factions classes to my character.
1. Guild Wars lets you pick up computer-controlled hencmen at every town, mission, and outpost in the game to fill out your party. Henchmen are pretty stupid, even with the AI upgrades that came with the Nightfall release. Henchmonks, in particular, are dumb as bricks. Heroes are sort of like super-henchmen, with better AI, and some control over their weapons, skills, attributes, and general behavior. You can only take along three per real person, though, and they're still inferior to a decent player.
2. Elite skills are 'better' than normal skills. I guess. (The ones I have are pretty swank, but they're not that awesome.) You can have one in your skill bar at any time, but no more than that, except in a couple of special circumstances. Elite skills have to be captured from bosses/named mobs, though, and yield a large chunk of experience in the process.
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The Terrible Tyranny of Gaming 
2006.11.27 15:05 - Entertainment, Microcode, Miscellanea
I bought Final Fantasy XII on launch day (Oct 31), had cracked it open that night, was ten hours in by the end of the week.

I am now ninety hours in, and barely progressing the story (I think I was around 50% through the story at 40 hours, and I might be at 55-60% now: have been to Mt. Bur-Omisace and am on my way through the Salikawood). I actually still enjoy poking around and grinding out levels and licenses, tracking down marks and so forth. My characters are all a stunningly low level 40, but I've got nearly the entire license board filled out (less the espers, some quickenings, and the 55+LP licenses on the armor and weapons section).

I still have a handful of hunts open, so I'll probably finish those I can get to before proceeding further with the story. Maybe I can be done with the game by the end of the year.
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This is the sound of one hand not getting anything done. 
2006.10.27 16:30 - Miscellanea
I may start working from home once a week, if only I can make it clear to my parents that I am working and don't, in fact, wish to be disturbed to take out the trash, help haul in wood, etc during that period. It's not hard-heartedness, I'm just pretty sure that not drawing the line will eventually make that time completely useless to all involved.

The major advantage of working from home? Climate control. I swear, this place is just enough warmer that I can't actually focus. It's uncomfortable, and distracting. Not to mention that it makes me feel like I'm trying to think with a ... a thing. That doesn't think very well.

Unfortunately, my workspace at home is actually worse, otherwise, than the one at the office. It has to share space with my bedroom, into which is stuffed roughly one half of the furnishings of my last apartment. It's getting hard to get around in there.
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