Updated the "ACR is a bummer" post 
2010.01.30 09:27 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Site/Meta
Bushmaster is saying the FCG is pretty much all AR parts, so I've updated the post to that end.
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Why the Bushmaster ACR is a bummer 
2010.01.23 22:00 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity
The short of it is that it took Bushmaster two and a half years to take what should have been a nearly finished design, strip out half the feature set (integral front sight, compatibility with AR-15 barrels and FCGs) to remove the possibility of after-market parts, add some weight to the gun for no obvious reason (Bushmaster ACR: 8.2 pounds vs. 7 pounds for the Remington ACR), and then charge twice the expected price for the privilege of having a barrel twist that people who pay two and three grand for a rifle apparently don't want. Oh, and cheap out on the sights.0

It must look like a brilliant move to somebody, but I have no idea who.

[Update: According to one of Bushmaster's people posting for the company at arfcom, the ACR does use standard AR trigger parts. The barrel, however, is still a new part.]

0. For the record, I like the MBUS: they work, and cost about a third what anything else with the same feature set costs. I'm even pretty sure they're there as much because they're made by Magpul as cost concerns. But, even a set of fixed (i.e., not flip-up) back-up iron sights made of steel costs twice what the MBUS does. When you're asking somebody to drop $3000 for a too-short rail farm and a folding stock, you could throw in a set of Troys for free. It would at least convey a sense that maybe you're not just charging the most you think you can get away with.

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Just as nice for twice the price! 
2010.01.19 07:35 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity, Whining
I hate to sound like all the ninnies that have been getting hysterical over the ACR rumours for the last three weeks, but it looks like the rumors are right and the basic version of the Bushmaster ACR is going to priced at $2700, or close enough to as makes no difference.

I've still got some checking to do, but unless I can come up with one for a lot less, my answer to that question is the following:

Screw. That.

A SCAR, ugly as it may be, includes a rail farm and a folding stock for that price, and the XCR is only a little more than half that. Someone on arfcom claimed that dealer price on the Remington version is $1850-2050, which might be do-able. I'll have to do some checking with my own contacts and see what turns up. I'm sure as heck not paying $3000 for one, though.

[Update: Checking complete. Unless something completely unexpected happens, I am not getting an ACR, at least within the current calendar year. C'est la vie. I hear SIGs are nice this time of year, though ....

I also feel like I should point out that Bushmaster's ACR shenanigans have been a pretty big bummer. I'll have a brief post on why in a bit.]

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Gettin' close... 
2010.01.12 20:44 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR
Bushmaster's finally teasing the ACR.

Nothing much there that you couldn't see someplace else, but it's nice to see it up, all the same.
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ACR Might Actually Happen 
2009.07.21 19:23 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR
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