2009.01.13 16:47 - Entertainment, Microcode, Meatspace Stupidity
I haven't been able to finish any of these Pokémon games since I picked up something to play them on. It's kind of shameful, and I don't really know if the problem is an inability to save state or the general lack of critters I like. I'm 75% certain it's the latter.

Anyway, while picked up a copy of Pokémon Pearl ages ago, I really haven't touched it in about as long. However, I was poking around the TV Tropes wiki again (I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT) over the weekend, and happened upon an individual claiming that the Pokémon games were the only ones they allowed themselves to cheat at.

I am not nearly so virtuous, but, apparently, not quite so quick on the uptake, either. Seeing the genesis of a brilliant waste of perfectly good money, I hied myself to Best Buy for an Action Replay DS and a copy of Pokémon Diamond. So far, it's been nice, being able to cart around all three starting critters, and their equivalents from the Gold/Silver games. Not sure it'll hold my interest, but I figure it's worth a shot. Having basically infinite amounts of dosh is kinda handy, too.

(I grabbed yet another cartridge on the off chance that I might want to play against, say, Der Pikafoop at some point. It seemed unsporting to do otherwise.)
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I should stop checking the SW:tOR forums 
2008.12.12 14:05 - Entertainment, Microcode, Internet Stupidity
There's no information, and reading people's speculation and I-wants is producing a nigh-irresistable temptation to respond "Well, that's because you're an idiot."
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Chrono Trigger DS is out 
2008.12.02 09:11 - Entertainment, Music, Microcode
At least, I received a copy from Amazon yesterday evening. I assume it's out. I was mildly miffed about paying more than the usual $30 for a DS game, but it came with a soundtrack disc. Only two tracks, though, so it's obviously not complete, but I thought that was a nice bonus.
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Do it again, Isaac. 
2008.12.01 23:57 - Entertainment, Microcode
Dead Space seems to suffer a bit from DIAS gameplay. I've now seen this 3 times across the third and fourth chapters (but not before that), and two of those are back to back. So far:
  • Making it out of the centrifuge room in Chapter 3 will have you dodging the centrifuge. Get hit, and you're dead.
  • Dodging asteroids in Chapter 4: not quick enough on the uptake? Dead. Also, you're in a vacuum. Insufficient air capacity/air tanks? Dead.
  • Shooting asteroid in Chapter 4: if you miss too many before the timer runs out, you die.
And, then, you do each of those again, until you figure it out or get it right.

The asteroids actually had me resorting to GameFAQs, because I didn't pick up on the signals quickly enough.

ATTN: Game Developers
Stop it. Just. Stop. It.

I really do understand that real life offers few second chances and, yes, in those sorts of situations, screwing up = dead. I know. I drive to and from my job. If I screw up sufficiently on the road, I can and will die from the results. But I don't play games for that sort of thing (either driving, or being spread thin across the pavement, actually). I play games to be entertained. In fact, that is why I chose the Easy difficulty setting for Dead Space: to minimize the degree to which reality intrudes on my entertainment.

[Updated: Just cleaning up some badly botched formatting.]
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Mass Effect 
2008.12.01 09:19 - Entertainment, Microcode
Apparently, element zero can cause problems with some PC configurations.

Recommendation: if Mass Effect sounds appealing, wait for the console version to find its way into the budget bin, or pop up in the greatest hits catalog. You'll get stuck paying for any downloadable content, and I gather that the decryption mini-game is more asinine, but it has got to be more stable.
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