'Tis the Season 
2008.10.09 15:54 - Guns, Entertainment, Movies, Internet Stupidity, Zombie Preparedness
I'm just going to present these without commentary. I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

Zombie Targets
DIY reactive zombie targets
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The Force Unleashed 
2008.09.23 13:25 - Entertainment, Movies, Microcode
I picked up a copy of The Force Unleashed for the XBox360 over the weekend, and have been sinking time into it the last few days. I'll have a proper review ready by Friday, I think, but the capsule review is that if don't enjoy Star Wars and/or hated the gameplay in God of War, you may as well skip it. It's a not a bad game, and has a fairly strong story, but a handful of warts in the interface, clunky controls, quick-time events, a somewhat buggy implementation and uninspired gameplay makes it a hard recommendation if the license isn't a factor in your decision.

So far, the biggest disappointment is the Star Destroyer sequence, which ought to awesome, but is only frustrating and tedious, because it takes forever and the QTE indicators are not accurate (seriously!).

Also, game developers? Please stop putting quick-time events everywhere. They're annoying. If you want to give me a really cool cinematic or animation, just roll the clip. Without the button pressing involved, at least I'll be able to watch it. At the very least, let me turn them off for non-boss battles.
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It's clearly because you're all homophobes. 
2008.05.14 18:55 - Entertainment, Movies, Internet Stupidity
Seriously, what the heck?

It's hardly news, I think, that the editorial line over at most of the Gawker Media sites tends to the stupid. I actually keep Gizmodo, Uncrate, and io9 in my RSS aggregator, and, leaving Uncrate aside as it seems to have no discernible editorial bias except for shinies, io9 is far dumber on a day-to-day basis than Giz. Which might actually be saying something, though I wonder if it's just the focus on pop-cultural trivia doing that.

In any case, accusing people of being homophobes because they aren't turning out in sufficiently large numbers for "Speed Racer" to please io9's editor strikes me as the height of both egoism and insulting-your-audience asininity.

FWIW, I haven't bothered because I have no particular interest in the property the film is based on, and I'm not in the mood to have my eyes and ears assaulted with a film that looks like a combination of F-Zero with an acid trip. And because it looks totally gay. And, by gay, I mean homosexual.
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Have you seen "Iron Man" yet? 
2008.05.05 09:54 - Entertainment, Movies
If you haven't, you should. Sit all the way through the credits, though.

... That's really all I have to say on the subject.
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Why I Enjoy Hellboy: 
2008.04.23 11:35 - Entertainment, Comics, Movies
From over at io9:
Hellboy, Social Critic?

There's not really much social criticism in the Hellboy comics, Mignola says. "It's certainly never been my intention. I just want to see the big stuff smashing into each other. And a talking hedgehog! We have a talking hedgehog coming up! I'm really excited about that."

Honestly, I rather like it when my escapist entertainment is, well, entertainingly escapist. It certainly beats the heck out of crassinine metaphors for the software industry (also from io9, home of embarrassing fannishness).

Anyway, you should check out the Hellboy comics if you get a chance. They're usually a lot of fun.
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