Burning Time 
2008.12.01 17:01 - Work-related
I had an extra 5.36 hours (~5 hours, 20-ish minutes, because our time tracking system is asinine, and time accrual increments are goofy: at 2 years, it increases from 10 hours/month to 10.67, but at 3 years, it becomes 12, and continues this pattern up to 10 years) to burn, so I've taken the Monday before Christmas off. And, just to round things off, also the Friday after New Year's.

Having already scheduled all the other time that wouldn't roll over, that means that I go home on the 19th of this month and do not return to the office until the 5th of next month. Glorious.
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Well, that was boring. 
2008.09.15 13:41 - Miscellanea, Work-related, Zombie Preparedness
What was left of Hurricane Ike knocked out the power to something like half the city yesterday, including my apartment. It was still out when I left for work this morning.

And, now my apartment has power again. So, hot shower, plus internetting for me this evening.

In a couple weeks, I guess, I need to dig up a lantern and other assorted bits just in case this happens again. Probably store that stuff out on the porch, though.

[Work-related Addendum: I'd be working, but I'm waiting on a three-hour-ish process to finish. Should be done soon. Ish.]
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It's been a long, long month. 
2007.11.26 20:00 - Entertainment, Comics, Internet Stupidity, Work-related
And there's still a whole, long, long week to go!

So I really can't put into words how glad I am that I've got Nedroid.com in my RSS aggregator. Stuff like this is immensely useful in relieving me of the deep blue funk. Seriously, I feel better already.

As with at least half of my RSS roll, I have to blame it on someone else.
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XSL(T) and Dates 
2007.06.04 15:24 - Work-related
Because XSLT 2 support doesn't yet exist for the MSXML parser, I'm limited to solutions centered around XSLT 1. Quickly hit upon the EXSLT project, but the options there are decidely limited. In particular, there doesn't appear to be a satisfactory implementation of parse-date, which is the function I actually need.

But, a-ha! There is a project, MVP XML, which is an implementation of the EXSLT project in .NET. This might work if, having chased them through three different generations of links (from gotdotnet.whatever to Sourceforge to Codeplex) I was not greeted with a notice that the server is down for maintenance.


I have to do some conferring tomorrow anyway, so I may ask if we can't get all the dates in the XML file in a format that doesn't suck. (Two-digit years? Is it 1987 again?)

[Update: the Mvp.Xml site is up now. Hooray.]
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On Stopping Power 
2007.04.24 10:12 - Guns, Work-related
Today's Three Panel Soul probably captures the exact reason I feel mildly uncomfortable discussing guns at work. Mildly uncomfortable. Not enough that I didn't spend an hour talking handguns with one of the other devs yesterday afternoon.
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