I'm just messing with you, Mgrdcm. 
2009.01.22 14:02 - Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
If you aren't Mgrdcm, please disregard.
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Happy New Year. 
2009.01.01 03:27 - Guns, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
I'll have a post or two kvetching about gun cleaning later in the day. Hopefully will have a more detailed set of notes about last Saturday's range trip late this week or early next week. I believe that there are a very few pictures, so those will probably get added once I've got them.

I think my only resolution for the New Year is probably to find something other than guns to talk about here. I hear there are these videogame things that might be interesting. May something other stuff, too. We shall see.

In the meantime, I should really go to bed.
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Doing some poking around in the blog 
2008.12.02 09:37 - Guns, M1 Garand, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Site/Meta
Tagged all the Masada/ACR-related posts with an appropriate tag, and ditto for the M1 Garand posts. While I was at it, I also tagged the ACR posts with Internet Stupidity and several of the Garand ones with Zombie Preparedness.

I'm still looking forward to the ACR, mind. But some of my agitation comes from too much Internet.
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2008.11.12 17:32 - Guns, M1 Garand, Miscellanea, Site/Meta, Zombie Preparedness
This is not correct, as checking the the CMP's eligibility requirements quickly reveals. Although it is no longer necessary to be a competitive shooter, it is still necessary to have some documentation indicating that you know your way around a gun.

Dang. Well, half-way there. Just have to see whether a C&R or CCW license is a better choice, I guess.
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Comments are still off 
2008.01.03 15:37 - Site/Meta
In case you were wondering, there are currently more hits trying to reach the comments.php file that is no longer publically accessible than probably hit any other single file at this domain.

Which is impressive, in a depressing sort of way.
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