Mmmm ... Toys 
2008.01.31 10:16 - Toys, Actual Toys
Next year's retro Transformers. Awesome.

I'd offer commentary, but I'm a little too groggy yet this morning.
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2007.11.21 16:00 - Entertainment, Movies, Toys, Actual Toys, Gadgets
I don't figure Matt wants to pay this much for a non-functional0 replica of a flux capacitor, but he may be interested, nonetheless.

0. At least, I assume that it doesn't actually allow one to travel through time, 1.21 gigawatt power supply notwithstanding.

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Transformers was pretty cool 
2007.07.03 09:07 - Entertainment, Movies, Toys, Actual Toys
I don't know if I'd call it a good film. I like to make a distinction between films which are good, because they are well-executed all across the board, and films which are entertaining. Michael Bay Presents Michael Bay's Transformers: A Michael Bay Film is a heck of a fun ride. There are some bad words and profanity, but I'm moderately certain that there are no F-bombs. There is a lot of violence, but very little blood. I think there's a conversation in the film that's not really suitable for kids under twelve or thirteen, but I don't have many qualms recommending the film otherwise.

I'd give it 3.25 out of 5, with a strong recommendation. But you should probably check your brain at the door.
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One Of Those Reassuring Moments 
2007.06.12 12:36 - Entertainment, Television, Toys, Actual Toys
I seem to collect things.0 Fountain pens, action figures, maybe guns1. Action figures, especially, have eaten up an inordinate amount of my income in the last two years.2

Anyway, I am reminded, every once in a while, that I really am not the biggest dork3 around. Behold!

Now, I gotta figure that's an advertising prop, and not something that was manufactured for sale to people not running toy stores or whatever.4 However! I know that an individual of my acquaintance has access to a similarly tall figure of Voltron. Furthermore, in addition to representing competing giant robot toy and cartoon franchises, Optimus and Voltron represent different soft drinks! Voltron declared a strategic alliance with Sprite some time back, and Optimus sold out to Pepsi. Battle to the death, winner takes all.

Personally, though, I'll probably just stick with Coca-Cola.

0. It might be better said that I accumulate, rather than collect, things.
1. Or maybe not: I have only two, and a fairly short list of ones I actually want badly enough to purchase. I mean, a PS90 would be pretty cool and all, but that 5.7mm ammunition is expensive, and impractical as a defensive munition. On the other hand, a nice AK-47 with a Dragunov stock ....
2. I won't say how much. More than you'd probably believe, though.
3. So, you have a pride of lions, a mob of kangaroos, a murder of crows, a school of fish, etc. What's a collective noun for a group of dorks/nerds/geeks? Is it a convention?
4. In fact, I figure that this Optimus statue is a feather headdress and a handful of stogies away from being a cigar-store Indian.

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2007.01.23 10:08 - Toys, Actual Toys, Gadgets

Soundwave MP3 player. It transforms.
Optimus Prime iPod Dock (G1 figure with a nice, new head, actually--iOptimus?)

Man. I'm not buying either of those (too expensive, and I'm way over-invested in robots lately, anyhow), but neat, anyway. Well, Soundwave is neat. Prime is just continuing his long history of selling out.

First two links shamelessly stolen from Shortpacked! and Gizmodo, but I couldn't resist posting.

Addendum: As long as this is the most recent entry, an update: allegedly, there will be headphones shaped like Rumble and Frenzy to go with Soundwave. I'm still not buying, but dang. That's nuts.

Further Addendum: Okay, now it's just silly.
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