2007.01.23 10:08 - Toys, Actual Toys, Gadgets

Soundwave MP3 player. It transforms.
Optimus Prime iPod Dock (G1 figure with a nice, new head, actually--iOptimus?)

Man. I'm not buying either of those (too expensive, and I'm way over-invested in robots lately, anyhow), but neat, anyway. Well, Soundwave is neat. Prime is just continuing his long history of selling out.

First two links shamelessly stolen from Shortpacked! and Gizmodo, but I couldn't resist posting.

Addendum: As long as this is the most recent entry, an update: allegedly, there will be headphones shaped like Rumble and Frenzy to go with Soundwave. I'm still not buying, but dang. That's nuts.

Further Addendum: Okay, now it's just silly.
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2006.11.13 12:44 - Toys, Actual Toys

Well, okay. Shame about the orange safety tip. Otherwise? Awesome.
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In sort of the same category as Answer-Me Jesus 
2006.10.02 19:27 - News and Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Toys, Gadgets
We have the Dashboard Mohammed.

It might be more offensive than the Jesus thing, at least to the parties it's intended to offend.

Link shamelessly ganked from PDB.
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This seems pretty wrong to me. 
2006.08.26 10:56 - Philosophy and Religion, Toys, Actual Toys
Answer Me Jesus is basically a Magic 8-Ball in a plastic Jesus statue.

I really have no further commentary.
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Most versatile tool ever? 
2006.08.23 23:29 - Toys, Gadgets

Link shamelessly stolen from Gizmodo.
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