I'm told that it's V-Day. 
2006.03.30 14:20 - Entertainment, Movies, Internet Stupidity, Television, Toys, Actual Toys
I'm told that it's V-Day.
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Random Links 
2006.03.19 20:25 - Entertainment, Internet Stupidity, Television
Totally unrelated, but I'm too lazy to make separate entries.

Futurama to be back on the airwaves?
Possible origin of the JATO rocket-powered Impala urban legend/Darwin Award Winner

[Update: Disregard re: Futurama. Url through /..]
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TV Linkies 
2006.03.15 01:03 - Entertainment, Television
If you didn't already hear it, it seems that four Futurama movies are planned for release to DVD, with recording to start this fall. Keen.

Also, a TV pilot that never aired, directed by Ben Stiller, starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson. The pilot itself is unavailable, but the intro and scripts are up for all to see. Funny stuff, especially if you liked the crappy scifi shows of the 70s and 80s.
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Boondocks 'a parody of paranoid delusional racist fantasies'? 
2005.11.08 10:02 - Entertainment, Television
Cartoon Network has started running an animated series based on Aaron McGruder's comic strip, 'The Boondocks'. I don't have an informed opinion on either the strip, which I don't read, or the new show, which I have no desire to watch. (Full disclosure: my few encounters with the former have been decidedly disappointing, and I found the ad campaign for the latter revolting.)

Brian Tiemann, though, actually endeavored to watch it last weekend. It appears that he wasn't impressed. In the meantime, one of his readers suggests that McGruder's strip is actually a parody of the sort of views it seems to spout, ala South Park. I don't find this to be a credible theory, but I'd love to hear some legitimate argument for/against it.
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This is something JUST FOR HERB 
2005.06.18 21:19 - Entertainment, Internet Stupidity, Television
Dr. Who/Dalek w[a|o]nkery.

You're welcome, Herb.
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