As long as I'm discussing second-amendment devices 
2005.05.31 02:00 - Guns
You may have heard of Mateba if you did enough digging into Ghost in the Shell (Shirow equipped one of his characters, Togusa, with a Mateba revolver). Thing is, Mateba's a real firearms manufacturer out of Italy. They make a pistol, the Model 6 Unica, notable for being an automatic, and for having the barrel aligned with the bottom-most chamber in the cylinder, instead of the top-most.

Now that I look at the Wikipedia link, that's pretty much all in there. Darn you, Wikipedia! Where were you when I was a pathetic college student searching for this garbage during boring classes?
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Firearms Fetishism 
2005.05.31 01:52 - Guns
I'm not sure this DREAD weapon system is legit, but the idea fills me with a pleasantly warm glow.

Perhaps I'm just evil.
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