Coming up on a deadline at work 
2006.12.14 12:08 - Entertainment, Microcode, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
I have some code that's due on Monday, plus maybe a bit more later that week (details forthcoming?). Busy at work, and the normal workday only gives me a few uninterrupted hours to actually get anything much done. On the upside, I just need to test it before I call it done right now. Woo!

Haven't finished FFXII yet: nights lately have been spent in Guild Wars, where I have finally gotten my primary character through Ascension[0] in the Prophecies campaign. So lonely in Guild Wars. Good thing, then, that Heroes[1] have let me proceed this far without having to take on help from random players more than once. (Yes, I am leery of attempting cooperation with unknown players. Too much time in FPS land, perhaps.)

While doing that, I've been rifling through monsters' pockets for elite skills[2]. The bosses in the missions in the Crystal Desert each have one, though, and there's one elite skill for each class of boss in the area. As it turns out, one of the mission has a boss of each class type, so I guess I'm going to spend some time capturing the four I don't have yet (having already grabbed the ones for my primary and secondary classes before completing all of the Ascension missions).

I'm going to try to spend some time in FFXII this weekend, though. Made it to Archades, got me a Sandalwood Chop, but haven't actually taken the taxi, yet.

In news not related to my being a gigantic dork, I went to a housewarming party last weekend.

0. Ascended characters can change secondary classes. At-will, now, since changes to the game system allow class changes at any town or outpost. I have, in fact, completed the Ascension mission in Nightfall, but it doesn't provide the option for un-Ascended characters from other campaigns. I'll still need to poke around to see what's required to open up the Nightfall and Factions classes to my character.
1. Guild Wars lets you pick up computer-controlled hencmen at every town, mission, and outpost in the game to fill out your party. Henchmen are pretty stupid, even with the AI upgrades that came with the Nightfall release. Henchmonks, in particular, are dumb as bricks. Heroes are sort of like super-henchmen, with better AI, and some control over their weapons, skills, attributes, and general behavior. You can only take along three per real person, though, and they're still inferior to a decent player.
2. Elite skills are 'better' than normal skills. I guess. (The ones I have are pretty swank, but they're not that awesome.) You can have one in your skill bar at any time, but no more than that, except in a couple of special circumstances. Elite skills have to be captured from bosses/named mobs, though, and yield a large chunk of experience in the process.
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2006.05.03 16:35 - Site/Meta
Well, it only took three weeks, but the good news is that I have a job, again.

Doing different stuff, for a different company, as an employee (rather than a temp). Woot!
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2006.04.19 21:34 - Site/Meta
Actually, it's kinda stagnant on the local front, but I'm hoping to have some (good) news this week, so keep your fingers crossed and etc. (Nothing site-related, but good for me, nonetheless.)
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I just wanted to note, dear readers, 
2006.02.10 02:04 - Site/Meta
that you have been narrowly spared a rambling and probably incoherent treatise on the role of religion in society, the differences in outlook between Christianity (esp. the modern sorts) and the more widespread sorts of Islam, and the evils of state-sponsored secularism, of open borders and transnationalism, and etc.

All matters I am wholly unqualified to discusswith any depth or gravity.

So, you know, you're welcome. Have a nice day!
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Well. That was ... annoying. 
2005.11.22 23:58 - Site/Meta
I really ought to have update the blog software sooner. Before the script-kiddies decided to install a bulk-emailer and phishing system over the weekend.

Recommendations on a replacement will be welcome. I'd like to, at least minimally, have the same features I've got now.
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