Happy Groundhog Day 
2015.02.01 17:27 - Meatspace Stupidity, Site/Meta
The latter half of last year was long and often both bleak and unpleasant.

So, we'll say no more about it.
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I ain't dead 
2014.05.23 08:05 - Site/Meta
But I haven't had much to say, either.
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Another pass around the solar system and not much has changed: Still alive. Been busy. 
2013.05.20 13:53
Work, mostly, but I've also been up to my armpits in videogames: Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands 2, mostly.

I still owe the blog a piece on heart surgery, which I might be about ready to write, now that we're almost a year on.
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It's been quiet. 
2012.10.16 11:09 - Site/Meta
That's a good thing, of course.
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I bought a Glock. 
2012.08.18 18:15 - Guns
(I had a longer, probably more boring version of this post, but my login expired and I lost it. Hopefully, this captures the gist of it.)

I bought a Generation 3 Glock 19 last Saturday. I don't like it, but will, in the near-ish term, be using it to replace my beloved Browning Hi-Power as my default carry gun.

I'm retiring the Browning for a couple of reasons:

First, there are some middling complaints about the function of the gun which will take some effort (and money) to get fixed. Nothing has changed here: the magazine disconnect still irks me, as do the magazines that won't drop free, or that the hammer bites the web of my hand. None of this is serious enough to fix right now, but it's all stuff I want to get fixed.

Second, the logistics of the Hi-Power suck like hard vacuum. For a gun that's actually being produced, parts are difficult to find, and cost too much money. Factory anything costs anywhere from 25% to 100% more than it ought to, including the price of the gun itself. After-market accessories and parts exist, but are a bit thin on the ground. Holsters would be nearly non-existent if the Hi-Power weren't about the same size as a compact 1911.

So, it's going to go back in its case and only come out when I can't stand to carry the plastic wondergun or want to take it to the range.

Unlike the Hi-Power, I really don't love the Glock. I don't even like it. It's ugly, has a plastic frame and a striker-fired action. Everybody and their aunt has one and at least half of all Glock owners are rabid fanboys not entirely dissimilar to old-school Mac users (i.e. "I've only ever used this one thing of this type, but let me tell you how much better it is than whatever you're using now."). Disassembly requires pulling the trigger on a closed chamber, which can and has caused negligent discharges and injuries. The factory sights are made of plastic. The factory controls are too small. The grip doesn't feel good in the hand. It doesn't have an external safety other than the trigger blade.

But. The thing is, I didn't buy the Glock because I'd changed my mind and suddenly become a fan. I bought it because it solves the persistent problems I've had because I chose to use and carry the Hi-Power. You can buy parts or accessories for a Glock almost every place that sells guns. And the parts are affordable, they all drop in, and the gun shop probably has at least one guy certified as a Glock armorer, anyway. The guns have an excellent (if overblown) reputation for durability and reliability.

So, I don't like it. It's a choice which does not please me. But, I think I respect it, and that'll have to do.

In the meantime, I've replaced the stock magazine release, will have new sights on order before the weekend is out, and have already got a light and laser installed. Still need a holster and magazine carrier, but my wallet's been soaked enough for one month.
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