That was fast. 
2011.05.04 17:42 - Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity, Toys, Zombie Preparedness
So, I have to go pick up my package from the people at SKD Tactical from the Post Office tomorrow. They'd have delivered it today, but I wasn't home.

I sprang for the cheap shipping option, too.

[Addendum: I've heard most stuff is out of stock there at the moment. FWIW.]
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Levenger L-Tech Update 
2011.05.03 08:35 - Toys, Pens
After finishing up the Mont Blanc blue-black I filled it with back in January, I refilled the pen with some Noodler's black. Much better. Very smooth, and very consistent as long as the bubble of air in the converter hadn't gotten caught on the feed end for too long (not many pens will write without ink).

Also, it looks like my practice of running the plunger down to flood the feed is probably a bad idea: forcing air out of the ink chamber that way seems to produce a vacuum on rear of the feed, which makes it difficult to run ink out to the page. Good to know.
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Presented Without Comment 
2011.05.02 00:46 - Guns, Internet Stupidity, News and Politics
In light of recent events, SKD Tactical is having a sale.

I bought a chest rig, just because.

Also, I laughed.
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I voided my TiVo's warranty today. 
2011.04.30 19:02 - Meatspace Stupidity
Or I would have done, if it hadn't expired six or seven years ago, I guess.

I noticed the box making unhappy fan noises last night and hit it with some canned air to clear the dust bunnies out of the fan. (This might have been a bad idea, I dunno.) Sounded a bit better afterward, so I went to bed.

When I got up late this morning, it was clear the fan was still unhappier than before. After confirming the fan was, in fact, the source of the racket, I did some research, opened the box up, cleared out a colony of dust bunnies, confirmed the size of the fan, ordered a replacement, then put it all back together, because I'd still like to watch TV for the week or so it's going to take for the new fan to arrive.

I had a thought just a little while ago, though, did some googling and found this. Just tried that out. Much quieter now. I think the fan is still on its way out, but at least I can sleep tonight, and I don't think it will croak before the new fan gets here.

I used some fancy gun oil, FWIW.
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I will be patient, I will be patient, I will be patient... 
2011.04.29 22:12 - Guns, Whining
I am not very patient.

Ordered a semi-custom gun a while back (one of a small run of Sterling carbines built by a small company out west). Been waiting a while now. When I contacted the guy building it a week ago, I was told I'd get a tracking number when it shipped. So, I've promised myself I won't bug him about for at least a little while.

And, even if I got to pick it up tomorrow, it'd be at least a week before I could take it out and shoot it.

But! So impatient.
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