Yeah, it's more gun stuff 
2010.02.15 21:08 - Guns, Zombie Preparedness
Michael Bane wrote about Merwin-Hulbert revolvers about a week ago. I'm kind of intrigued. I'm not sure I'm $1200 intrigued, but who knows?
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2010.02.11 17:34 - Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea
pika: RAR
me: RAR
pika: I hear you rarring around
me: BZ2
pika: ARC
me: TGZ
me: LZH
pika: L
pika: Z
pika: mufuggin
pika: H
pika: oh man
me: :D
pika: Well, we're probably getting sued now.
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ATTN: Chemistry Nerds 
2010.02.11 12:57 - Miscellanea
Check this out.

Link unabashedly stolen from akodo at We The Armed.
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Well, it's been such a nice day so far... 
2010.02.08 21:25 - Meatspace Stupidity, Whining, Work-related
Discovered some considerate jerk had taken out my passenger-side taillight when walked out to the car to drive to work. No note or anything that I noticed, so somebody's a real class act. I drove to work fairly angry, and discovered as I was parking that I'd left my access card on the dresser. Awesome! Since I wasn't in a mood to turn around and retrieve it, I signed myself in, and resolved to pick it up over lunch, which I did do.

Managed to return a bug ticket as a non-bug (testers: read your documentation!), and managed negative productivity the entire rest of the day, without any great input on my own part. A ticket that was in peer review was returned for minor revisions (no worries), then wound up being shelved for discussion that will probably involve a near-complete rewrite. Yay! It only took a week and 16 pages the first time, so I'm sure it won't be too big a pain the second time. (Do I have a dripping sarcasm tag? No?)

I was able to get an insurance claim filed, and will be stopping at the local PD to file a police report covering the damage, because I can't do that over the phone.

I was doing better while I was sleeping through the clock radio playing the classical music station ...
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Updated the "ACR is a bummer" post 
2010.01.30 09:27 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Site/Meta
Bushmaster is saying the FCG is pretty much all AR parts, so I've updated the post to that end.
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