Range Notes 
2009.11.09 12:52 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power
Went out to Knob Creek Range Saturday morning with my sister to pop plastic bottles. I have no idea how many we actually destroyed, but we filled up at least one trash can, maybe two. I still have a couple guns to clean up, and need to get the AR zeroed at some point (will probably do that at Open Range, which is an indoor place). Also need new cans of CLP and GunScrubber.

On the other hand, I managed to pop a basketball-sized pumpkin clean apart at 25 yards (yes, I think the Gold Dots will work Just Fine), and catch a couple water bottles at 50 yards with the Hi Power. Managed to catch a few targets with the un-zeroed AR at 50 yards. The holosight's a lot easier to pick up than the irons, and the magnifier makes it plenty easy to see 2-liters at that distance. I've really got to work on my rifle stance, though. May have to give up and find an NRA Basic Rifle course or an Appleseed course or something. Don't seem to be any in the area, though.

My sister seemed to shoot okay, but also seemed kinda unimpressed with herself. I think it was more the lack of feedback, but it may also be that I was monopolizing the Hi-Power (it's my carry piece and I need the practice). She also had some trouble telling when she'd plugged the pumpkin she was trying blow up. Turns out, that 40-year-old M2 hardball goes straight through a lot of things.

Each of three new magazines were run through the AR once, which worked without hiccups. Managed to confirm that the Hi-Power will eat Gold Dots okay. The Garand's been picky about loading, but I think that's just because I've done a sloppy job loading the clips. My sister also experienced a jam of some sort with the CZ. Looked like it might be a double-feed of some sort, but she had it sorted out by the time I noticed.

On the whole, not the best morning ever spent at the range.
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I'm Still Alive 
2009.11.06 09:27 - Guns, Miscellanea
Twittering some, but mostly haven't had much to say, lately.

Here's an update on what's up with me, then:
1. I picked up my carry permit around the middle of last month. I have been strapping on my Hi-Power in the evenings during the week, or as soon as I'm dressed on the weekends. No point in bothering on weekday mornings, because I may as well take it off before leaving for work: no concealed deadly weapons in the office. (I expect they will balk at the idea of open carry as well.) C'est la vie, as they say.
2. My AR-15 is almost completely tar[t|d]ed up with various bits. I've replaced the butt stock, the pistol grip, the receiver plate, the rear sight, the handguard, the triggerguard and safety selector, added a bolt catch extension, a red dot sight and magnifier, and a vertical foregrip, which I'm currently evaluating against a finger stop. I'd still like a light and laser, and fully intend to stick one of these on it for giggles. I have a few small, internal parts on the way, right now.
3. I have dropped my tea intake down from a quart every day to a single large cup, about a 75% drop, starting not quite two weeks ago. Exceptions made here and there, with no change in soda consumption. Wouldn't have stayed awake past dinnertime last night without a large bowl of matcha, in fact. On the whole, though, feeling pretty good.
4. Playing a lot of Borderlands. Because I spent last week on vacation, I have now spent more time in Borderlands over the past two weeks than at work over the same time period. That's a game that's going to sink a lot of GPAs.
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I did not know that 
2009.10.25 23:31 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Entertainment, Movies, Television, Meatspace Stupidity
According to imfdb, "John 'Hannibal' Smith's sidearm of choice was the Browning Hi-Power."

That's pretty cool, in a pop-cultural sort of way. I wonder if that's going to carry over to the movie they're doing?
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2009.10.09 17:56 - Miscellanea
I ordered a vertical foregrip, muzzle device, and magwell plug from LaRue Tactical last Friday. The order arrived today. Also packed in the box was a bottle opener, a ball cap, two bumper stickers, and ... barbecue seasoning?

On a similar note, OpticsPlanet has very good customer service. They only gave me a tiny flashlight, though.

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I Think I Understand Railfans And Flight Sim Addicts 
2009.10.09 14:09 - Entertainment, Microcode
I'm not sure I understand how there's a market for a railway simulator.

I'm always surprised when Steam advertises updates and add-ons. Not displeased or anything, I just can't quite reconcile the sort of person I've seen working on model train layouts or chasing steam engines cross country (i.e. my Dad) with the sort of people I know that enjoy computer gaming.

On the other hand, I don't really grok the virtual air traffic controller thing, either, so maybe I'm just not sufficiently imaginative.
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