I did not know that 
2009.10.25 23:31 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Entertainment, Movies, Television, Meatspace Stupidity
According to imfdb, "John 'Hannibal' Smith's sidearm of choice was the Browning Hi-Power."

That's pretty cool, in a pop-cultural sort of way. I wonder if that's going to carry over to the movie they're doing?
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2009.10.09 17:56 - Miscellanea
I ordered a vertical foregrip, muzzle device, and magwell plug from LaRue Tactical last Friday. The order arrived today. Also packed in the box was a bottle opener, a ball cap, two bumper stickers, and ... barbecue seasoning?

On a similar note, OpticsPlanet has very good customer service. They only gave me a tiny flashlight, though.

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I Think I Understand Railfans And Flight Sim Addicts 
2009.10.09 14:09 - Entertainment, Microcode
I'm not sure I understand how there's a market for a railway simulator.

I'm always surprised when Steam advertises updates and add-ons. Not displeased or anything, I just can't quite reconcile the sort of person I've seen working on model train layouts or chasing steam engines cross country (i.e. my Dad) with the sort of people I know that enjoy computer gaming.

On the other hand, I don't really grok the virtual air traffic controller thing, either, so maybe I'm just not sufficiently imaginative.
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And, An Auspicious Start To The Day 
2009.10.09 07:53 - Miscellanea
When I went back to bed after hitting the snooze button this morning, the bracket attaching the foot of the bed to the frame cracked. Gonna need to do something about that this evening, as I can't sleep on the bed the way it is.
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Soon, The AR Will Become Real... 
2009.10.09 07:51 - Guns, Meatspace Stupidity, Whining
Seems like an AR isn't a proper EBR (evil, black rifle) without having more money in accessories than in the rifle. I'm darn near that right now: I mounted an EOTech holosight on it Monday, and am currently sitting on an EOTech magnifier to go with it. There's also a vertical foregrip and replacement flash hider/compensator due to arrive today. Either the grip and flash hider or the magnifier will bring the total cost of aftermarket bits over the cost of the base rifle.

Unfortunately, the magnifier arrived with bad threads in the rear mounting hole. It isn't going to stay on the rifle that way, so it has to be sent back to either the retailer or the manfacturer for replacement. While it's wending its way through the postal cloud, I'll have to track down a low-profile rear sight to replace the one that came with the rifle: not enough clearance to mount the current rear iron and the magnifier at the same time. I'd like to use a Magpul MBUS, as they're cheap and swoovy, but I suspect it's not low enough.

The good news is that all the latest junk can be transferred over to another rifle when the time comes.
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