On Overpriced Shaving Doodads 
2009.08.11 18:37 - Meatspace Stupidity, Toys, Gadgets
A few years back, I purchased a Merkur Vision safety razor, and a Merkur Hefty Classic. The former retails around $200, the latter around $40. If you're in the market for such a thing, buy the Hefty Classic. It doesn't feel as satisfying and has no adjustments to fiddle with, but it works as well or better, costs only a fifth as much, and doesn't have to be maintained like a British automobile.

In related news, I just got my Vision back together after the handle seized over a year ago. Had to damage the finish, though. Twice.
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What A Racket. 
2009.08.11 10:33 - Guns
Speer Gold Dot, 9mm, 124gr, standard pressure. 20rds for $22.
Speer Law Enforcement Gold Dot, 9mm, 124gr, standard pressure. 50rds for $25.

Same bullet. Same casing, powder, ballistics, et cetera. But the cop ammunition costs about half as much. I wonder if that's something to do with liability coverage or something.
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Once in a While, I Think About Playing In Traffic 
2009.08.04 10:23 - Whining, Work-related
300+ character regular expression that can be obviated by a single call to DateTime.TryParse().

What the heck. Maybe there's some business requirement requiring a specific set of date formats be supported, but, hey, DateTime.TryParseExact() will cover that scenario. At least it's old code, so there's some hope that we'll have learned from this somewhere in the last two years.
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I Can Quit Anytime I Want! 
2009.08.04 00:19 - Guns, Internet Stupidity
Certain parties have given me some grief about my ... continuing interest in boomsticks and related malarkey. (Which, admittedly, does kinda border on the unhealthy. But only border.)

I'm mildly tempted to troll the heck out of them, but I don't think I can be bothered.

That said, here's a link to all the gun information you could want and probably then some. Here's a mildly novel, but impractical, idea from the PRC to get you started.

And one from the Soviet Union: an assault rifle made for use underwater.
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Senate Primary Could Be Interesting 
2009.08.03 15:24 - News and Politics
Possible candidates in the race include one Bill Johnson, a Navy vet and graduate of UK's EE program; Trey Grayson, the state's current Secretary of State; Cathy Bailey, former US Ambassador to Latvia; and Rand Paul, an opthamologist and son of some other guy you've actually heard of. I'm guessing Johnson's the political outsider, Grayson's an establishment candidate, Bailey is probably a long shot, and Paul is most likely staking out the libertarian position.

I will have to see how things shake out; I'm not familiar with any of these people, but it at least looks like a strong field to level against the Democratic candidate, who, I'd guess, is most likely Dan Mongiardo, our current Lieutenant Gov and 2004 Senate candidate. (Jack Conway had a failed run for Congress against Anne Northup a while back, and the rest of field are people I've never heard of.)
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