Okay. This interests me. 
2009.02.19 20:51 - Toys, Pens
Pilot MU/M90

Limited edition, but it seems like it might be fairly affordable.
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So, I have the attention span of a gnat. 
2009.02.17 15:43 - Guns
This entry promises forthcoming details.

Details: I purchased an AR-15 and a Saiga-12. The Saiga-12 is, essentially, a semi-automatic AK-47 set up for use as a 12-gauge shotgun. The AR's a Stag, for those who care.
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I should blog more. 
2009.02.16 15:39 - Miscellanea, Site/Meta
Actually, I have a longish, ranty thing about first-person shooter games to post once it's finished. Maybe the end of the week. Unfortunately, the things I could probably talk about most frequently are things that I am least interested in yammering about.

I don't want to talk about politics. It displeases me in general.

I don't want to talk about guns, because I don't want to give anyone the impression that I've gone completely off the deep end. (There will be a bit of that in the FPS post, if it goes up.)

I don't want to bore anybody with toys, and I'm growing less interested in where the stuff I'm actually collecting is going pretty much by the minute, anyway.

I could talk about books, but that's going to get back to politics (I'm reading Liberal Fascism: a good book and, I think, a solid argument, but one which cannot help but greatly upset at least half its potential readership by virtue of its thesis). I have a copy of Anathem to read whenever I get out of the current tome, though.

About other things, I'm just focused elsewhere lately.

I'm not really collecting pens at this time--still using them, just haven't purchased a new one in a while, and haven't seen or heard of anything lately that really interested me.

I stopped reading comics back in May, and I haven't bought more than a handful of CDs in the last two years that I thought were worth worrying about. (On that note, however, check out Fleet Foxes' eponymous album, and Thrice's Vheissu and Alchemy Index.)

I've only played a couple of videogames lately, I don't watch much TV, and I mostly keep to myself. People, I am just not very exciting.

If you really must keep track, however, and don't already know, I am using Twitter.
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Coordination Theatre 
2009.02.13 15:01 - Meatspace Stupidity, Tea
A moment ago, I says to myself, "Self, I wonder if there is tea in my cup." So I tilted the cup over so I could peer inside and inspect its depths for sustenance.

And, lo! there was tea! And it was in the cup! And also on the desk.
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Range Notes - 2008-12-27 
2009.01.27 19:55 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, M1 Garand, Meatspace Stupidity
This would be the much-overdue post I've been meaning to write since the end of last month. No promises about the quality of the writing.

So, the Saturday after Christmas, I collected my rather small arsenal, eighty-plus pounds of water in plastic bottles of varying size and shape and took my sister off to the gun range for a lesson in impractical pistol and rifle shooting. My father came along to dispose of a defunct chainsaw. More on that in a moment.

Dad was kind enough to drive, which is handy because fitting three people, a rifle, and all the water bottles in the passenger compartment of my car wasn't happening, also I was feeling pretty tired, as it was relatively early on a Saturday morning.

Off to the range we went, and were able to get signed in and set up while there were still lanes available. By the time we left, people were lining up for vacancies on the firing line.

I set my sister up with the Browning Hi-Power on the theory that the smallish steel-framed 9mm would be the most easily handled. This worked so well that I nearly had to wrestle it away from her to the other guns. Suffice to say, she had fun. She also quickly became an equal to or better shot than myself, which is mildly annoying.

While she entertained herself with the Hi-Power, I set up the Garand and put the first couple of shots down range. I am no longer worried about the bore. It's fine. Also, it's really impressive what 150 grains of .30-06 soft-point will do to a gallon jug of water.

To our right was another guy with a Garand. He appeared to be rather more serious about things than I am, and had himself a rest and homemade brass catcher and target stand. To our left was a handful of guys with AKs and ARs that appeared to be plinking away.

At the second all-clear, we dragged out the chainsaw. A fresh clip went into the Garand, and Dad was given the first shot. My sister took some after pictures, but nothing from beforehand. Trust me, it was a chainsaw once. By the time we left, there wasn't even much to scoop up and drop in the trash can, but we had some help from both sides (Garand guy asked permission, and we're pretty sure a few other souls just blazed away at anything downrange and target-like).

Finally, there was Mr. Wuss. Poor Wuss.
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