Evil x 3? 
2008.09.15 22:16 - Miscellanea, News and Politics, Toys, Actual Toys
Today's mail includes a missive on energy policy from the Heritage Foundation, and a lapel pin. This should go nicely with the lapel pin the RNC sent me back in 2004, and the Decepticon pin that came with a couple of Transformers0 I bought a while back.

[Update: The Heritage 'pin' isn't a pin at all: it's a metal plate with a magnet! Nifty.]

0. Just wanted to note that guy takes very good pictures of toys. If those two look uninspiring, well ... they're not great figures, really.

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Well, that was boring. 
2008.09.15 13:41 - Miscellanea, Work-related, Zombie Preparedness
What was left of Hurricane Ike knocked out the power to something like half the city yesterday, including my apartment. It was still out when I left for work this morning.

And, now my apartment has power again. So, hot shower, plus internetting for me this evening.

In a couple weeks, I guess, I need to dig up a lantern and other assorted bits just in case this happens again. Probably store that stuff out on the porch, though.

[Work-related Addendum: I'd be working, but I'm waiting on a three-hour-ish process to finish. Should be done soon. Ish.]
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Can I Just Say That I Hate The Apple Store? 
2008.09.10 11:29 - Toys, Gadgets
Specifically, I do not enjoy going to the Apple Store at the local shopping mall. It's always got a million people milling around, blocking access to anything you want to buy, and it's all hard, shiny surfaces and bright, white lights. The first time I visited the one here I got a headache.

When I was last in Chicago, Herb and Karen were sufficiently longsuffering to visit the nearest one to them with me. We ran into some other RHIT grads and had a brief-ish conversation which I mostly missed because of my somewhat questionable hearing and the sheer amount and level of background noise in the place.

It's just not someplace I have any desire to go to browse at this point. If Apple wasn't using their store's presence as an excuse to not sell some items through other places around here, I probably wouldn't bother with it at all.
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Life is weird. 
2008.08.16 13:09 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea, Zombie Preparedness
In one tab, I am checking to see if anyone is taking pre-orders on a new model of assault rifle yet (doesn't look like it), and in the other I'm searching to find a silicone matcha whisk (ditto).

I sometimes worry that the zombie uprising will find me both heavily armed and perfectly accessorized. (Is there a camouflage pattern for urban coffee shop? No?)
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If you must carry, carry cheap 
2008.08.13 00:06 - Guns, News and Politics
The opinions on what sort of gun you should carry tend to be as varied as the sort of people offering them. Some will tell you that a polymer wundergun chambered in 9mm Europellet is absolutely the way to go, and, nearing the other end of the scale, there are a surprising number of people carrying a single-action, steel framed hand cannon designed almost a hundred years ago with the largest bore diameter they find practical. (Farther down this end of the scale, you'll find people carrying things like .44 Magnum revolvers--it worked okay for Harry Callahan, after all.)

Anyway, a broader distinction tends to pop up between whether you should carry your favoritest, bestest, most tactical, most expensive handgun or, instead, one that you can most easily and inexpensively replace. On the one hand, you're probably more likely to carry a gun that you like, and probably will be able to shoot it better in the case of incident. On the other hand, you're not likely to be out a paycheck or three replacing it if your Glock or XD if one of the local police officers takes a shine to it, or somebody gets over-zealous in carrying out the department destruction policy, or whatever.

ColtCCO is currently having this sort of problem with the Gallatin Police Department.
Update: An update.
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