What a long, boring week. 
2008.06.06 14:11 - Miscellanea, Philosophy and Religion
Jury duty this week and next, so I've had a greater-than-usual opportunity to read. And read I have. More than usual, even.

Although I'm actually at work today, I spent a large part of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sitting in a room with a hundred or two other people, staring at the walls. To break up the monotony of inspecting the walls for imperfections in the paint, I've been working on a copy of The Analytic Theist, which is a copy of articles written by Alvin Plantinga, a professor of philosophy at Notre Dame and a significant figure in his field.

The first four chapters dealt with establishing the rationality of theism. Interesting stuff, which I will do an immense favor by not butchering as I attempt to summarize it. The fourth chapter's argument that atheism is irrational where theism is not was great fun, though.

Unfortunately, by the time Thursday rolled around, the sleep deficit and my ever-dwindling attention span had combined to turn me into a near zombie, which makes it difficult to read anything requiring thought at all.
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2008.05.20 16:41 - News and Politics
I am somewhat disappointed that Fred Thompson wasn't on the primary ballot here in north-central Kentuckistaniana. So, I voted for what I felt was the next-best choice.
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Would you like to guarantee that at least one corrupt politician doesn't retain his seat this year? 
2008.05.19 16:01 - News and Politics
Alaska Senator Don "Bridge to Nowhere" Young has a challenger in the Republican primary. RedState.com is currently solicitying donations for Sen. Young's challenger, Sean Parnell.
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No fancy plastic space gun for me this year 
2008.05.17 03:14 - Guns, Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, Internet Stupidity
Word is that the Bushmaster ACR won't see civilian sales until early next year.

That's too bad, but I guess I'll have to spend my money on a Garand instead.

[Addendum: Arfcom guy got that information from Bushmaster's website. So, it's official.]
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It's clearly because you're all homophobes. 
2008.05.14 18:55 - Entertainment, Movies, Internet Stupidity
Seriously, what the heck?

It's hardly news, I think, that the editorial line over at most of the Gawker Media sites tends to the stupid. I actually keep Gizmodo, Uncrate, and io9 in my RSS aggregator, and, leaving Uncrate aside as it seems to have no discernible editorial bias except for shinies, io9 is far dumber on a day-to-day basis than Giz. Which might actually be saying something, though I wonder if it's just the focus on pop-cultural trivia doing that.

In any case, accusing people of being homophobes because they aren't turning out in sufficiently large numbers for "Speed Racer" to please io9's editor strikes me as the height of both egoism and insulting-your-audience asininity.

FWIW, I haven't bothered because I have no particular interest in the property the film is based on, and I'm not in the mood to have my eyes and ears assaulted with a film that looks like a combination of F-Zero with an acid trip. And because it looks totally gay. And, by gay, I mean homosexual.
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