And then she's gone. 
2008.05.02 01:46 - Entertainment, Comics
No, no. Things are fine here. I'm in a bit of a funk, as I am wont to be, but there's nothing awry. There is something I feel like pointing out, though.

Earlier this evening, as I browsed the comics forum of one the Interblag's seamier underbellies, I was reminded of Astro City, which is really one of comicdom's shining stars. For good or ill, the reminder came in the form of a link to a story entitled "The Nearness of You".

I sort of skimmed over it the first time this evening, as it seemed immediately familiar--in fact, it's tucked in the back of one of the trade paperbacks I purchased a few years ago when I finally got around to checking Astro City out. (And, while I'm short one or two such volumes, it looks like I'm pretty up to date, otherwise.) I had started to anticipate what was coming when I got to the reveal in the fourteenth page. I'm pretty sure I cried when I read the story out of the trade paperback the first time. Surprisingly, it still hit like a punch to the gut this evening, even on a second reading (I needed to get it out of my system; it helped a bit to reread for the detail I skipped over previously). Possibly, I'm just a sap for that sort of thing.

The additional commentary at the end is interesting and, I think, valid. But read the story first. You might need a handkerchief.
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WSJ to GOP: Don't Go Counting Your Chickens Just Yet 
2008.05.01 11:44 - News and Politics
The WSJ says that the public's view of the Republican party is as negative as it has ever got. Granted, it's still a very, very long way to November, but I'm thinking McCain ekes out a victory in the White House, while the GOP suffers a net loss of seats in both houses of Congress. Probably the Democrats pick up more seats in 2010, given the ongoing economic mess which they are and will do nothing to alleviate.

In truth, I think this mostly illustrates that the Democrats do a much better job controlling their message than the GOP does. Whether that's because of the relatively Democratic bias in the mainstream media, or just a matter of group temperament, I'm not sure.

Link stolen from Adam C, posting in RedState's RedHot semi-blog-thing.

Now, there are some suspicions that the Democratic Party is headed on its way to a major crack-up sooner rather than later, and the current Presidential primary may be an indicator of just how it will go down. I don't think this is very likely, but, if it happens, it would produce a major realignment of the US. I'm thinking a large number, likely young voters and activist types, seem likely to jump ship from the Democratic party to a new Progressive party in that case. What that would mean in the long term, I'm not sure, but I think it would actually spell a net shift in the US electorate left-ward, because it would further marginalize conservatives in the Republican party: neither new party would have the electoral strength in Congress, and the GOP would probably absorb some cast-off moderate and conservative Democrats in the process.
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The mind boggles, and the soul weeps. 
2008.05.01 02:05 - News and Politics
I really don't have words, but it's this sort of nightmare that makes me question the value of social services bureaus. What a ridiculous and tragic travesty of justice.

Link stolen from a post by Mark Hemingway, in NRO's The Corner.
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Why I Enjoy Hellboy: 
2008.04.23 11:35 - Entertainment, Comics, Movies
From over at io9:
Hellboy, Social Critic?

There's not really much social criticism in the Hellboy comics, Mignola says. "It's certainly never been my intention. I just want to see the big stuff smashing into each other. And a talking hedgehog! We have a talking hedgehog coming up! I'm really excited about that."

Honestly, I rather like it when my escapist entertainment is, well, entertainingly escapist. It certainly beats the heck out of crassinine metaphors for the software industry (also from io9, home of embarrassing fannishness).

Anyway, you should check out the Hellboy comics if you get a chance. They're usually a lot of fun.
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Happy Government Theft^WTax Day 
2008.04.15 10:35 - Miscellanea, News and Politics
Remember, the government knows how to spend your money better than you do, citizen.
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