I guess I'm confused 
2007.06.19 09:00 - News and Politics, Philosophy and Religion
I'm honestly not clear on the beef that Islamic hardliners have with Salman Rushdie, since I never read The Satanic Verses, or any of his other works. However, if one is to believe the (unnamed) member of the Pakistani government's cabinet, their feud with "the West" includes allegations (by us) of "extremism and terrorism" (by them). Therefore, it would O. K. to kill Mr. Rushdie (who, I guess, encourages the sorts of attitudes the West has towards the likes of our anonymous cabinet minister) with "a bomb".

Because that's not at all like terrorism. I guess.

Surely someone out there in the Religion of Peace understands why this ironic attitude might be counterproductive to convincing the rest of the world that Islam isn't the religion of benighted, bloodthirsty lunatics. Maybe they're just being very quiet about it.

(Link stolen from The Corner.)
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I'm still not fifty. 
2007.06.18 08:50 - Miscellanea
While I was at the high school reunion a couple weeks back, one of the other reunioners0 noted that I had been "born forty-eight" years old.

So, for those of you who attended college with me, apparently you guys weren't the first to notice.

For those of you who didn't, you may as well disregard this entry.

0. No, that isn't a word. Shut up.

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A quick note on screwdrivers 
2007.06.14 14:15 - Miscellanea
Gearheads may wish to check out this post over at The Unforgiving Minute about the difference between normal screwdrivers and 'gunsmithing' screwdrivers. If you're having trouble with screwdrivers stripping out the heads of screws, it may be of interest to you.
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One Of Those Reassuring Moments 
2007.06.12 12:36 - Entertainment, Television, Toys, Actual Toys
I seem to collect things.0 Fountain pens, action figures, maybe guns1. Action figures, especially, have eaten up an inordinate amount of my income in the last two years.2

Anyway, I am reminded, every once in a while, that I really am not the biggest dork3 around. Behold!

Now, I gotta figure that's an advertising prop, and not something that was manufactured for sale to people not running toy stores or whatever.4 However! I know that an individual of my acquaintance has access to a similarly tall figure of Voltron. Furthermore, in addition to representing competing giant robot toy and cartoon franchises, Optimus and Voltron represent different soft drinks! Voltron declared a strategic alliance with Sprite some time back, and Optimus sold out to Pepsi. Battle to the death, winner takes all.

Personally, though, I'll probably just stick with Coca-Cola.

0. It might be better said that I accumulate, rather than collect, things.
1. Or maybe not: I have only two, and a fairly short list of ones I actually want badly enough to purchase. I mean, a PS90 would be pretty cool and all, but that 5.7mm ammunition is expensive, and impractical as a defensive munition. On the other hand, a nice AK-47 with a Dragunov stock ....
2. I won't say how much. More than you'd probably believe, though.
3. So, you have a pride of lions, a mob of kangaroos, a murder of crows, a school of fish, etc. What's a collective noun for a group of dorks/nerds/geeks? Is it a convention?
4. In fact, I figure that this Optimus statue is a feather headdress and a handful of stogies away from being a cigar-store Indian.

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I have got too learn to sip things. 
2007.06.07 00:24 - Miscellanea
This is my third0 Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA. First and only beer for the night, because it's hitting me like a ton of bricks. I opened it about 11:45pm, and I'm nearly finished with it already.

Yeah, I gotta go slower in the future.

That said, I really do recommend you try it out, given the opportunity. This one seems a lot hoppier than the previous two (which were kinda syrupy, actually), so I think this may be from a different batch. They're only gonna do this so many times, so get it while you can.

[Addendum: Yup, finished it.]

0. Third ever, not third tonight.

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