One Of Those Reassuring Moments 
2007.06.12 12:36 - Entertainment, Television, Toys, Actual Toys
I seem to collect things.0 Fountain pens, action figures, maybe guns1. Action figures, especially, have eaten up an inordinate amount of my income in the last two years.2

Anyway, I am reminded, every once in a while, that I really am not the biggest dork3 around. Behold!

Now, I gotta figure that's an advertising prop, and not something that was manufactured for sale to people not running toy stores or whatever.4 However! I know that an individual of my acquaintance has access to a similarly tall figure of Voltron. Furthermore, in addition to representing competing giant robot toy and cartoon franchises, Optimus and Voltron represent different soft drinks! Voltron declared a strategic alliance with Sprite some time back, and Optimus sold out to Pepsi. Battle to the death, winner takes all.

Personally, though, I'll probably just stick with Coca-Cola.

0. It might be better said that I accumulate, rather than collect, things.
1. Or maybe not: I have only two, and a fairly short list of ones I actually want badly enough to purchase. I mean, a PS90 would be pretty cool and all, but that 5.7mm ammunition is expensive, and impractical as a defensive munition. On the other hand, a nice AK-47 with a Dragunov stock ....
2. I won't say how much. More than you'd probably believe, though.
3. So, you have a pride of lions, a mob of kangaroos, a murder of crows, a school of fish, etc. What's a collective noun for a group of dorks/nerds/geeks? Is it a convention?
4. In fact, I figure that this Optimus statue is a feather headdress and a handful of stogies away from being a cigar-store Indian.

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I have got too learn to sip things. 
2007.06.07 00:24 - Miscellanea
This is my third0 Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA. First and only beer for the night, because it's hitting me like a ton of bricks. I opened it about 11:45pm, and I'm nearly finished with it already.

Yeah, I gotta go slower in the future.

That said, I really do recommend you try it out, given the opportunity. This one seems a lot hoppier than the previous two (which were kinda syrupy, actually), so I think this may be from a different batch. They're only gonna do this so many times, so get it while you can.

[Addendum: Yup, finished it.]

0. Third ever, not third tonight.

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The Best Advertisement For Anything, Ever 
2007.06.04 21:59 - Guns, Internet Stupidity, Meatspace Stupidity
This is probably the very best argument I've seen for buying a Glock.

Personally, I was thinking I'd buy a Glock 20 and a SIG GSR sometime next year, when the guns and butter budget resets.
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XSL(T) and Dates 
2007.06.04 15:24 - Work-related
Because XSLT 2 support doesn't yet exist for the MSXML parser, I'm limited to solutions centered around XSLT 1. Quickly hit upon the EXSLT project, but the options there are decidely limited. In particular, there doesn't appear to be a satisfactory implementation of parse-date, which is the function I actually need.

But, a-ha! There is a project, MVP XML, which is an implementation of the EXSLT project in .NET. This might work if, having chased them through three different generations of links (from gotdotnet.whatever to Sourceforge to Codeplex) I was not greeted with a notice that the server is down for maintenance.


I have to do some conferring tomorrow anyway, so I may ask if we can't get all the dates in the XML file in a format that doesn't suck. (Two-digit years? Is it 1987 again?)

[Update: the Mvp.Xml site is up now. Hooray.]
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That went better than expected. 
2007.06.03 01:53 - Miscellanea
Got back from my 10-year high school reunion about ... thirty minutes ago? Yeah. More or less.

Went swimmingly up to the point where I joined half the high school class0 at Fourth Street Live!1 for drinks after dinner broke up. Can't say I didn't have fun, but that's the second drunkest I've ever been2. Apparently, everyone wants to buy me a drink (since I don't drink much). Made it home safe, sound, and still a little tipsy, so it's just as well I was 100% alert3 and obeyed every traffic law I could remember on the way home.

In the future, I will have to insist on buying my own drinks, stopping at two, and not starting with a double bourbon. I did stop at two drinks this evening4 , but I failed on the other two points. I'll have a better idea in the morning if I'm allowed to do shots of tequila5 ever again.

0. The entire graduating class was about thirty, so, even with various people's spouses from outside our diminutive class, this wasn't that large a crowd.
1. Home to trendy and overpriced bars and restaurants serving the downtown Louisville area. Actually, it's not a bad area to get lunch, if you're already downtown.
2. Most drunk, ever? St. Patrick's Day pub crawl, 2001.
3. Mountain Dew around 11:30-ish in the pm. All booze between 10:30 and 11:15.
4. Drink #1: double Knob Creek, straight up.6 Drink #2: tequila shot, under polite force.
5. Or of anything else, I guess.
6. It was very gracious of one erstwhile classmate to cover that double bourbon at the bar's prices!

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