A vast conspiracy to cover the truth about the Crusades 
2007.01.15 16:17 - Entertainment, Movies
It seems that Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code have an actor (an actress, actually, but I can never remember if actress is still considered an acceptable term) in common.

I find this moderately amusing.
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I always forget what it's like to be able to smell. 
2007.01.02 13:22 - Miscellanea
I can smell things! And taste them. O frabjous day!

This happens now and then, actually. Most of the time, my sinuses are so screwed that the only things I can really smell are really, really strong odors: the week-old garbage, the catbox that needs changed, the woman who uses entirely too much perfume. You can probably imagine. Under normal circumstances, I really can't smell, say, my mug of tea. This also means my tongue is almost perenially coated. That's not quite as gross as you might think, but the upshot is that my ability to savor food is a often a bit limited. (Just to round out the list of poor senses, I, of course, am near-sighted and practically tone-deaf. Yay.)

This has the decidedly unpleasant benefit of letting me notice that my tea smells and tastes of .... sweat socks. Mmm-mmm. Glad that's the last of the Tazo Earl Gray, then. I hope the green and Oolong teas I've had sitting around aren't subject to the same problem.
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Did you live through the Eighties? Wanna do it again? 
2006.12.28 10:47 - Entertainment, Movies
Along the same lines as the sequel to "WarGames", it seems there's a sequel to "Real Genius" in the works.

In fairness to the 1980's, I'm at least interested in the "Dark Crystal" sequel that's in development. (But that one's old news.)
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Respect for Others' Property in the Workplace? 
2006.12.26 11:41 - Miscellanea
I just discovered that some enterprising soul had stabbed the gel wrist rest I purchased (with my own money, because I am lazy and can't be bothered with finding out what the appropriations/expensing process is around here) with a disposable fountain pen (also mine, for more or less the same set of reasons) while I was gone.

That was ... kind of them. At least they only did it twice, in a small corner, instead of all over the thing. No great damage done, save to the perception of security regarding the bits and pieces and tchotchkes kept in my cubicle. (The pen still writes as well as it ever did, even.)

I suspect that somebody's kid was loose in the office over the holiday and was left to their own devices a bit too long. I don't really get it. I hope they'll bring something to keep the kid occupied next time. I don't really like the idea of having my stuff vandalised just because somebody couldn't find a babysitter.
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Just in case there's anyone else interested 
2006.12.19 16:45 - Philosophy and Religion
December 25th was probably chosen as the date of Christ's birth for reasons that have nothing to do with pagan celebrations around the same time on the calendar.

I already passed that one on to a couple people last week, but it seems to be worthy of broader distribution. (I stole the link from a post by Ramesh Ponnuru over at The Corner, so I doubt I can broaden distribution by very much. However! I'm fairly certain that the set of my readers is far from wholly contained in the set of people who read National Review's website.)

Merry Christmas!
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