Our bug tickets will block out the sun! 
2007.08.30 13:41 - Miscellanea
Then we shall code in the shade.

Work is busy, as we near the deadline for our current release. Thank heaven for the upcoming three-day weekend.

I have purchased ammunition for an experimental trip to the gun range to find out which brand/load of .40 S&W the Steyr will eat most happily. I've also managed to discover that my left hand/arm does not, at present, have sufficient strength to properly rack that gun. On a related note, my brand-new .40 S&W A-Zooms are looking pretty beat up already. Funny coincidence, that. One of the other devs is making group range trip noises. I'll guess I'll see where that comes out.

In the meantime, I've made my hotel reservations for homecoming. It's the same place I've been the last couple of years, so I hope that the hotel's Wi-Fi still exists and works better than last year. And I just submitted a request for some time off on either side. I have hours to burn, at the moment, so I really do need to take some time off, anyway.

I guess I'm spending some time this weekend upgrading the operating system on Furnace McWindtunnel (hereafter: "the desktop") to Windows XP from Windows 2000. This should be a grand adventure. Expect reports of lost files and etc. on Monday. On the upside, in exchange for the performance hit, I can lose the Linksys WiFi app and get the ability to run games made last year.

I think that's everything of import for the moment. I should probably put together a brief review of the Parker 100 I bought back in April/May since I've finally gotten around to use it. (In brief: save your money and buy a vintage Parker 51 instead.)
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Probably not the best start to the week 
2007.07.30 21:34 - Miscellanea
Sunday, I ran out of checks. While I was in the middle of paying bills, naturally. So, tomorrow, I'm going to stop by the bank, reorder checks, and get a cashier's check to cover the month's rent. Hopefully I'll have checks before the car payment shows up and becomes due. (If not, though, I think they have an online payment option.)

Today, I moved a set of crummy bookshelves across the room to their final destination, so I could put books on them. This is nearly the last straw for this set of shelves, so I think I'm replacing them this weekend. I'll probably buy an extra set or two, because I seem to have doubled the number of books, DVDs, and video games I own in the last three years.

At least work is pretty quiet. And I haven't broken anything. Yet.

FWIW, I realize that everyone in the entire world has bigger problems than I do. I'm just saying, on a scale of 1 to 10, this is not auspicious. Probably more mediocre than anything.
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In case you're wondering, 
2007.07.30 13:47 - Miscellanea
Yes, I do tend to ramble on.
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I fail at sleeping. Again. 
2007.07.20 15:51 - Miscellanea
Last night, I went to bed at 6:30PM. This was awesome, because I suspect my current sleep debt is probably running somewhere around one month.

I got up about 9-9:30-ish at night. About three hours later. Finally gave up and went back to bed at 1:30-2:00AM. I think I finally passed out sometime after 4, maybe 5? and was conscious again at 7:30, when the alarm clocks started.

I'm pretty sure several of my higher brain functions checked out about noon, or one o'clock today. I really hope the work I did this morning was the most urgent stuff on my plate.
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Can we offer suggestions on RHIT's choice of art? 
2007.07.07 23:27 - Miscellanea
They need to see about commissioning something from this guy. Seriously.

[h/t to View From The Porch]
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