I Will Get That Range Trip Write-up Done This Week 
2009.01.12 09:46 - Miscellanea
I may need to mine my RSS aggregator for shared items, as I've been doing a fair amount of that lately.
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Here's One to Think About 
2009.01.09 09:52 - Miscellanea
as it's probably too cold for the next couple of months to actually act on it.

It seems that life in an urban environment wears on one's mind, but some time in natural surroundings helps restore a lot of what is so lost. I've only skimmed the article, but my immediate takeaway is to see about getting a plant for my desk, and to find a park I can walk in on the weekends.

The most outdoorsy I've been since ... high school, probably, has been recent trips to the Knob Creek Range. While enjoyable, those are sometimes less relaxing than I'd like.

Link stolen from KJL's post at The Corner.
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Cleaning Guns 
2009.01.01 16:28
Under certain circumstances, cleaning a gun, like most any clearly-defined and straightforwardly accomplished task, can serve as a useful way to clear the mind and relax the body, releasing stress and frustration accumulated over the course of the day or week. There is a clear beginning, middle and end, with a useful result: a gun that is clean, lubed, and ready for future use.

This is all true as long as you don't have more than a couple of guns that need cleaned, and actually have stress that needs to be relieved. Five guns in the middle of a week of vacation provides ample time to do the task, but little of the reward that usually makes it satisfying.0

In the last four days, I've put over ten hours into disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling those five guns. The rifle and the revolver were by far the worst; the Garand was filthy, and the Mateba is just a relative pain to clean1.

All that remains is to let the clips for the Garand dry from being sprayed with CLP (to get the dirt off, and to protect them from moisture), and then I'm done until I go to the range next.

Next time, though, I need to boresnake everything before it gets packed up. That makes cleaning a lot less painful later, but this time I didn't feel like bothering.

0. Some small satisfaction was obtained in the amount of junk cleaned out of the Garand, and from having opened up the back of the Mateba to clean out the firing pin channel and action.
1. I have, perhaps, two 9mm brushes that will fit in the window2 of that gun, and I'm not ready to break either one out just now. So, patches. Many of them.
2. On a revolver, the area of the frame that houses the cylinder is called the window.

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Happy New Year. 
2009.01.01 03:27 - Guns, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
I'll have a post or two kvetching about gun cleaning later in the day. Hopefully will have a more detailed set of notes about last Saturday's range trip late this week or early next week. I believe that there are a very few pictures, so those will probably get added once I've got them.

I think my only resolution for the New Year is probably to find something other than guns to talk about here. I hear there are these videogame things that might be interesting. May something other stuff, too. We shall see.

In the meantime, I should really go to bed.
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Oi, my wallet! 
2008.12.28 22:43 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, M1 Garand
Went to the gun range yesterday with father and sister, all five guns, 56 rounds of surplus .30-06, about 130 rounds of 9x19mm, about 200 rounds of 40S&W, and about 150 rounds of .357. This is about one-twelfth of my store of rifle ammo, and all of my pistol ammunition.

Dad and sister had a ball (nearly had to pry the Hi-Power out of my sister's hands), and sister is a surprisingly fair shot for all ten minutes of instruction I gave her. She shoots better than I do, actually, but there is past precedent for this.

Returned from range with all five guns, father and sister, 50 rounds of .40S&W, and 80 rounds of .357. I'm very glad my sister enjoyed herself, but 1) she's going to have to help pay for the ammo next time and 2) it is time and past time to buy something that shoots that cheap, cheap, cheap .22LR. Good gravy.

Also, I have five guns to clean this week. I may start asking for help with that, once I explain the finer points of why we use brass wire brushes on our guns.
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