Did you live through the Eighties? Wanna do it again? 
2006.12.28 10:47 - Entertainment, Movies
Along the same lines as the sequel to "WarGames", it seems there's a sequel to "Real Genius" in the works.

In fairness to the 1980's, I'm at least interested in the "Dark Crystal" sequel that's in development. (But that one's old news.)
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From the Terrible Idea Brigade 
2006.12.19 16:35 - Books, Movies
Slashdot is maundering about a webmaster being sued for his domain name by MGM.

MGM wants the domain so they can promote War Games 2: The Dead Code, in which a kid hacks into an unspecified defense computer system used for terror simulations and teaches us that a war on terrorism is unwinnable, ultimately ensuring destruction for all sides. In the process, he'll break into a DoD facility, and play tic-tac-toe with an improbably extant AI, all while winnig the requisite hot babe.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I'll probably throw up, but don't let that stop you going to see what will, undoubtedly, be a fine and original movie capable of standing on its own merits, and not at all a boring, trite, and obnoxious bit of propaganda trading on a better movie (which was also propagandic, but at least it was entertaining).

Actually, who knows? Maybe it'll be a good movie. I mean, statistically speaking, there have to be at least a few of those next year.
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Han Shot First. 
2006.09.12 13:29 - Entertainment, Movies, Miscellanea
Went out and picked up the new editions of the old Star Wars trilogy.

However, I managed to grab Empire in full screen instead of wide (because wide screen is how you watch movies 99% of the time), so I'm going to try to exchange it on the way home. I don't happen to have a receipt, though, so that could be tricky (stupid U-Scan checkout did not provide one, and I specifically turned one down, because I, also, am dum).

I'll update this when I get home, but if you have interest in a copy of "The Empire Strikes Back" in full screen, I may have one for you come this evening. Drop me an email if you're interested, I'll be happy to pass it along for the cost of shipping later in the week if I cannot exchange it. First one gets it.

[Update: Got it exchanged, no problem. Apparently, you don't need a receipt, per se, at Meijer's. Good to know. Also, just as well that nobody claimed dibs.]
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2006.07.17 13:15 - Entertainment, Movies
Not dead, just quiet.

You'll no doubt have heard that there's a Transformers movie due out next summer. I'm skeptical, but that's to be expected. We're mostly just lucky that they didn't let the Japanese write it. (Not that I don't enjoy anime, but I really can't stand to watch Power Rangers, which is about what the Transformers has degenerated into.) If you want more info, try poking around places like The Allspark.

[Addendum: Synchronicity, I guess. Huh.]

Saw "Superman Returns" a couple weeks ago. Not bad, but kinda flat. Felt a lot like the Donner films, I guess, but it might be more accurate to say that it felt like an imitation of the Donner films. Wasn't entirely satisfied, but I felt like I got my money's worth, at any rate.
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2006.06.18 00:27 - Movies
So, Pixar has this new movie out. I'm not sure if the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are entirely accurate, inasmuch as I think it's actually a stronger film than some of their previous works, if not their strongest. Brian Tiemann has a review up that is less guarded than I'd be, but it's still a very good movie, I think. Go see it.

If you're a car geek (and I'm not, but I'm related to two, so I've picked up a bit here and there), and a certain kind of Midwesterner, you'll probably find lots to love. There are all kinds of car and car racing references, pretty much all really, really obvious (if you know what/who you're looking at/listening to). Very cool, and a neat paean to middle America.

Speaking of car racing references, does anyone know who the Chick Hick character is a reference to? (Most of the racing characters are really obvious, not least because they're usually voiced by the real people to which they refers.) See, the best possibility my dad and I could come up with around here was Dale Earnhardt, Sr. That seems a bit .... crass, though. My mother thinks it's somebody farther back in history and already retired, but has no idea who. Is there anyone out there with a clue? (The Intarweb has already failed me, by the by.)
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