Dear Mr. Joey Parry 
2007.02.01 13:57 - Site/Meta
If that's even really your name. Please stop spamming my blog comments with your crap. I know the web is all about the long tail, but c'mon. You or your bot probably accounts for more of the traffic this web site has picked up in the last month than any real person. Cut it out.

To the real people: for the short term, I'm going to disable comments, starting this evening. I'll need to actually move the comments.php file to make that work, so there's really no point in bothering before I get home. Apologies for any inconvenience, but I'm lazy, and I get roughly, oh, three legitimate comments in a given month.

Email's still open, and is still in my RSS aggregator.
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2007.01.23 10:08 - Toys, Actual Toys, Gadgets

Soundwave MP3 player. It transforms.
Optimus Prime iPod Dock (G1 figure with a nice, new head, actually--iOptimus?)

Man. I'm not buying either of those (too expensive, and I'm way over-invested in robots lately, anyhow), but neat, anyway. Well, Soundwave is neat. Prime is just continuing his long history of selling out.

First two links shamelessly stolen from Shortpacked! and Gizmodo, but I couldn't resist posting.

Addendum: As long as this is the most recent entry, an update: allegedly, there will be headphones shaped like Rumble and Frenzy to go with Soundwave. I'm still not buying, but dang. That's nuts.

Further Addendum: Okay, now it's just silly.
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Game Night 
2007.01.22 13:37 - Entertainment, Microcode, Internet Stupidity
I want to point out that I really, really enjoy being able to visit the Internet once in a while with the other Clan Pf!ers. I actually miss Enemy Territory, and am looking forward to ET: Quake Wars with some interest. (It's a shame, actually, that we don't seem to have been able to get into Battlefield 2. Not, I think, that it's been our fault, and we did give the old college try.)

I can also say that I missed the memo wherein it was explained that having a clan server was license to be a jerk about the way it was adminned.0 I suppose that brings me to a day last week, when four of us hopped onto a server we'd frequented in the past, and were quickly muted for being our usual boisterous selves. I guess we just weren't racking up the kills quickly enough for the [foobar]AintGotNoSenseOfHumor.2

Now, the server in question has never been known for an overabundance of flexibility. Or smarts, really, since they've instituted a profanity/obscenity filter that is a bit overagressive. I mean, overagressive if you like grape soda, anyway.


I wonder if they can start including a filter for ridiculous admins.


0. Yeah, yeah. Chatty [redacted] should get on IRC. Whatever, poindexter. Those of us not competing to be members of the Cyberathlete League1 play videogames for fun. Lighten up.
1. I don't care what you say, cyberathleticism is just not something I can take seriously. More so when the "prominent" "athletes" are apparently still the sort of guys that shoved people like me into locker rooms in younger days. When I thought it was just gaming dorks, it was laughable. Now, I think of it as an exercise in cruel irony.
2. Can they start making that a server flag, then? I mean, if excessive humor is grounds for mute+kickban, it would be nice to know ahead of time.
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A vast conspiracy to cover the truth about the Crusades 
2007.01.15 16:17 - Entertainment, Movies
It seems that Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code have an actor (an actress, actually, but I can never remember if actress is still considered an acceptable term) in common.

I find this moderately amusing.
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I always forget what it's like to be able to smell. 
2007.01.02 13:22 - Miscellanea
I can smell things! And taste them. O frabjous day!

This happens now and then, actually. Most of the time, my sinuses are so screwed that the only things I can really smell are really, really strong odors: the week-old garbage, the catbox that needs changed, the woman who uses entirely too much perfume. You can probably imagine. Under normal circumstances, I really can't smell, say, my mug of tea. This also means my tongue is almost perenially coated. That's not quite as gross as you might think, but the upshot is that my ability to savor food is a often a bit limited. (Just to round out the list of poor senses, I, of course, am near-sighted and practically tone-deaf. Yay.)

This has the decidedly unpleasant benefit of letting me notice that my tea smells and tastes of .... sweat socks. Mmm-mmm. Glad that's the last of the Tazo Earl Gray, then. I hope the green and Oolong teas I've had sitting around aren't subject to the same problem.
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